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  1. Are you saying it's on the USB, but not copied to RAM at boot?
  2. Hiya, sorry it's taken so long to reply. No - i never figured it out. I just accepted it as it was. As someone mentions, you can chown it after operations are complete if that works for your scenario.
  3. Oh, now that is interesting. Thank you So Airsonic is to Subsonic what Jellyfin is to Emby. I like it EDIT: And their logo is an otter. Sold
  4. That's ok, thanks. I don't want to open up anything outside my network. I just want it for home. I'm not a fan of the Plex/Emby style interface either. Perhaps with the PlexAmp app it's better than just Plex? Is it usable without buying into the premium? (i am currently trialling Emby for video).
  5. Looks pretty good from a quick look on YouTube. Doesn't look like there's a supported Docker for unRAID as yet
  6. I presume you have to share your Plex out of your network? I'd love it if i could just upload my music collection and have the app use that.
  7. That's part of the question i suppose - even if i do all these things if i don't have Premier will it make any difference? Do you know if that kind of performance is what i should expect without Premiere, regardless of the Nvidia plugin? I don't want to pay for Premiere only to find that wasn't the problem. As an aside, what do people do with AMD cards?
  8. How do i know what GPU this docker is using? I have onboard Intel, and an Nvidia GPU. I ask because i basically can't skip/slide a movie. It kind of technically works, but it's unusable - it will take as long for it to skip to the point as it would just watching it. I wouldn't have thought it would do this even using the Intel GPU but thought i'd have a look. Perhaps there's some other setting i've overlooked? Am i reading correctly that in order to use the Nvidia GPU i have to install the unRAID Nvidia Plugin? Will that help without also paying for Emby Premiere? I've never used streaming software before, so i'm a tad confused.
  9. Hiya, i've been trying for ages to get a quarterly parity check. Here's my settings: Custom Monday First Week 09:00 January, April, July, October. I've tried a variety of permutations and i can't seem to get it to use the months i select. It'll do daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. What am i missing/doing wrong? I'm on 6.8.2. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for posting your script, it's got a couple of ideas mine lacks, and i've incorporated them. The 'check if Borg is running' is neat - not strictly necessary as Borg will stop if something has a lock on the repo, but it could be handy the more stuff i ask it to do. I've also finally found out how to get more global_exits if you're running more stuff you want an overall return for, e.g. global_exit=$(( info_exit > list_exit > check_exit ? info_exit : list_exit > check_exit ? list_exit : check_exit )) There were other suggestions too which may work just as well (or better) for your purposes:
  11. @bonienl You made bunny cry! 😭 Dang. It looks like i'm going to have to make liberal use of chown to fix ownership of files after my script does its thing as root I've tried everything i can find to switch between root and my 'backup-user' (who owns my backups) but i just can't make all the features work as so much must be run as root. Bummer - that means more testing.
  12. I ran Linux Mint off the same (model) USB stick previously over USB3 and i didn't experience any issues. My use wasn't extensive, but it was long and active enough to get quite warm. I'm going to guess it was probably doing more than the unRAID stick because the way unRAID uses the RAM. It might be the BIOS implementation of USB3 on some devices - but you'd think on newer systems this would have been well and truly ironed out. USB3 is well over a decade old now (3.1 came out in 2013). Many unRAID systems appear to be old desktops though Mine is! Some Linux distros are designed to run live rather than installed. I haven't looked into whether they're problematic on USB3. I routinely install Linux distros via USB3 which would be quite intense read - works fine every time. Does the Slackware base have trouble with it if run live? I remember on my new Ryzen system a couple of years ago, i installed Arch (first time ever) and things were awesome. Then - it started locking up. It always seemed to do it when i moved the mouse (not always, just sometimes). I tested the theory by moving mouse around really fast and aggressive - it'd cause it to lock up. I spent days researching this and in the end i discovered a post something like the the one below. Unfortunately, i had also just applied updates when i also turned of xhci in the UEFI (now i'm telling the story, i can't remember if i turned it off, or changed the setting to something else). And my system became stable. So was it the microcode update i'd just installed, or the USB UEFI setting? I was so happy my system wasn't freezing anymore i didn't turn it back on to test it. So yeah - maybe inconsistent/unreliable kernel implementations of some USB drivers is a problem. Kinda sux though. It was nice booting my unRAID in about 1/3 the time of USB2.
  13. I don't know about NextCloud, but while the CA Backup tool is sweet and i think does what you want, you should ideally look at off-site backups too (or at least off the device and safely stored elsewhere). In case your computer fries your array, or your device is stolen. With luck, my comment bumps your thread and someone who knows more about Dockers/NextCloud helps out
  14. It seems to work fine for me at least - it allows the owner of my backed-up files to be that user, and means i don't have to SSH as root. Maybe it depends what you're trying to do? Do you know of any specific side-affects?