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  1. Bump Hiya. Dredging up old posts - not my favourite thing to do - but this thread seems spot on. RE ProFTP - is that the same as ProFTPd? I'm looking for the same reason as the OP, and ProFTPd is the only one that isn't a Docker from my search.
  2. I'd probably be capable of making a custom power cable, but I'd never know what it meant to the PSU. Man, PC building is so much more complicated than it used to be (when you want it the way you want it). I have built pretty much every PC i've owned, but i'm going to have to ask for some help from a friend who is much more into PC building than i am. I build it, then forget about it for 4-5 years until i upgrade. Then i have to learn pretty much from scratch. I might just ask my friend to choose my components, then explain why and perhaps offer some degree of option in there, like a bit more for this, a bit less for that etc. Thanks heaps
  3. @AgentXXL Thanks for the info, it will be very useful when i upgrade my system. I really appreciate it
  4. Is there anyone who can help me with the settings for my HikVision camera detection > FTP triggering? I've been trying off and on for a couple of weeks now. Shinobi detection is working fine, but i would prefer to offload the processing to the cameras for accuracy and better resource preservation of the server. The best i can get is 'username or password is wrong'. I'm using the credentials i use to login to Shinobi: `` I've gone with the default paths illustrated here: HikVision doesn't allow paths with `/` per the instructions. I've tried various permutations of root/parent/child settings in the cameras GUI to no avail. Using the Monitor ID, or that with the Group Key (what collates the monitors) and even root (which gives no options). The directory structure is there, i can see it in the docker console. The camera just won't communicate with it. I'm using the cameras and on a VLAN (like SpaceInvader did) and Shinobi is in the same VLAN.
  5. Fantastic SpaceInvader has updated his image. Good to see, because the videos he made about it are exceptionally good.
  6. I'd love to see it! But i understand if that's a bit of a bother. My NAS experience was Synology, and i got unRAID about 2 years ago i think? 3? Anyway, i thought "i'll only need the basic license"... i just bought the mid-tier license a couple of days ago. I did contemplate going back to Synology for size, efficiency but i just like the way the unRAID works. Like i can take a drive out, connect it to my PC and run regular Linux commands and read it. Anyway, so i am totally unprepared for discussions around this "LSI" thing and "miniSAS" which, if i'm reading you right, would make the cabling much easier/neater. Any pointers to articles or videos or your own words would be very much appreciated. But again, no worries if it's a bit of an ask. Cheers. And i can't believe you might need a case with even more storage!
  7. Thanks for the post, i was just looking at the same case. How many drives do you have and how do you find cable management? Jeez it would be nice if they optionally supplied a SATA plug plate to slap in the back of all those HDD bays. I can't imagine the mess of running 18 SATA cables
  8. Oooooohh.. It took me a while, but i get it now Local UDs: /mnt/disks/ Remote UDs: /mnt/remote The help text wording was confusing to me, it doesn't make a distinction between local UDs and remote UDs. It implies that all UD mappings should be set to /mnt/remotes:
  9. I'm trying it out right now. I was able to add a user dandy. The trick is to use an email address. Even if it's just "shinobi@shinobi.local".
  10. Interesting. My camera in testing does the same - seems to be when light changes (dusk/dawn). Anyway, perhaps Reddit is the better place to ask about that. The developers frequent it. Also, they have a Discord.
  11. Ah righto. Done, tks (i had also previously pressed a button, which put a pretty little green tick which seems to make the editing of the title redundant now).
  12. Hiya, Is it possible to run MariaDB Docker across more than one VLAN? Or can i have two MariaDB instances, one for each VLAN? I read that in theory i could have two MariaDBs as long as they had different: - Socket - Port - Data location. I'm quite new to Dockers, VLANs and Databases! Use-case: I am looking at using MariaDB for both Shinobi CCTV (in a VLAN) and NextCloud in main LAN. I'd prefer one docker across both, but can i do that? Cheers.
  13. I couldn't figure out how old Shinobi is, but MariaDB is quite old vs current: 10.4.13 (2020-05-12) vs 10.6.5. Furthermore, his Source Repository doesn't even exist anymore: Points to Repo: 404 Error He doesn't have any iteration of Shinobi in his current GitHub repositories: So it appears this Docker hasn't been updated since before August 2020 (when the next Maria version became available). Considering his excellent videos show how to expose this to the internet is it wise to use such old software? Is there a way to politely ask whether any dated image (not just this, generally) should be maintained or removed? Even an update on the App info for it would be good, as in this case there are 4 other versions available.
  14. I've heard "Motion" is simpler, could maybe give that a try.
  15. Soooo... I figured out why DHCP wasn't working on the VLAN on the NAS only (was working elsewhere). At some point, i tagged the port `LAN`. Not `ALL`. I probably did this not long after getting the router, because i couldn't figure out how to secure my VLANs while letting some traffic i wanted through, through. I got that sorted quite a while later - but i didn't remember to flip the port back to `ALL`, i forgot all about it. It just popped into my head a short while ago. Tested it - all good. Spent SO long on this. LOL. CRY. Not sure how to mark as "solved".