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  1. Where are you able to see this kind of info? Thanks.
  2. Thank you sir - worked for me too. It would be cool knowing why this happens.
  3. Great answer, (i quoted the parts most relevant to me) thanks. I don't mind the choice, it's just that there's no differentiating information in the information available. Rather than stopping duplicates, it'd be good if new additions were required to explain the differences. I'll go with LinuxServer's i think. I've had good experience with those guys and girls Cheers.
  4. There's three versions of Emby available (this one, one from Emby themselves, and Binhex). Does anyone know the difference them?
  5. Hi guys, where's the cache and metadata? Inside Jellyfin settings it says /config/cache and /config/data/metadata but that doesn't seem to correspond to the directory structure. I could find: appdata/cache appdata/data/metadata is appdata/config 'hardcoded' as the prefix? So the App basically thinks its: appdata/config/cache appdata/config/data/metadata Thanks.
  6. OMG. How embarassment Thanks! hahahaha...
  7. Hmm... i'm not sure what the iso file mounted by Unassigned Devices is. I followed Space Invaders tutorial. For memory, the VM Manager doesn't give any choice about where it downloads the virtio drivers to.
  8. Thanks for this plugin. I've just installed this, did a couple of quick tests and it seems nice Would it be possible to update the 'help text' in the app next time you do an update to illustrate the appropriate syntax? The only example given is a single share. I've also noticed that a few people have asked 'why doesn't it work when [not using SMB/Samba]?'. Another idea might be to make that a bit more obvious in the settings. I didn't realise this either but i worked it out by myself pretty quickly. Just ideas humbly presented for your consideration
  9. I'll do that next time I update the plugin NW. cheers. My second small donation made, enjoy your beer/s (Broke Dad Computers). Thanks for the work you put into this pack of essential goodies 🙏
  10. Please consider disabling SSH OOTB. Reason: Root has no password yet. Some people have their 22 port already open for other devices they manage on their network. A warning popup before letting the user turn on SSH, recommending the user first: 1. ideally sets up SSH keys; or 2. At a minimum, set a strong password; or 3. They're network is internal only (i.e. 22 isn't forwarded). Additionally, incorporate the features provided in the SSH/DenyHosts plugins authored (or fixed) by @docgyver . I notice that the SSH plugin's origins are from at least 2013, but docgyver picked it up only at unRAID 6.1. It's unfortunate that such essential for security SSH configurations must be maintained by a volunteer. If docgyver hadn't picked it up - i'm not sure we would have the enhancements his/her plugin provides. Thank you
  11. By that i mean, can it safely be a sub-directory in another share? I'd rather put it in my "apps" share (Apps/ISOs) which has all manner of applications and whatnot. Is it possible and safe to do that? I can't find a setting that gives me an option to change it.
  12. So i'm the old guy who keeps all of his music in directories and i've never created a playlist *ever*. I just go fine the song/s i want to play and drag them into my desktop player and play. But lately i've been wanting to stream music and obviously my old-school methods don't cut it. But i'm also not the kind of person who is going to devise 150 playlists. I might have half a dozen - as i don't generally sort my music into genre except for "harder" stuff like old-school rap music (80s/90s mainly) and techno/house/trance mixups. Simply being able to select a genre or artist from the metadata without having to make a playlist would be nice. I've had a bit of a play with Emby for my music collection and i do find it a bit clunky. While i quite like Emby for video - I'm not a huge fan of the interface for music. I see there's a few music-specific Dockers but i don't know anyone who uses them. What's a good starting point? FWIW i have Denon HEOS equipment at home (just one speaker and an amp) but the HEOS app is... well... not fun to use. Pointers from those more experienced than myself are appreciated.
  13. I sometimes struggle to find things in the settings or wherever. Can we please have a search field? There's plenty of room in the banner area. Being able to type "nerd" to find the nerdpack in settings or "ssh" or whatever can be much faster than navigating to a tab then visually hunting for it. A really good example of the implementation is the newer versions of the Unifi Controller.