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  1. for what you were installing with nerdpack, look for what you had set to yes in it's cfg (even if nerdpack is disabled): grep yes /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/NerdPack.cfg for what is installed currently in unraid: ls -lah /var/lib/pkgtools/packages/
  2. or once you are on 6.11 you can install several just via CA with, "<x> package".. python2/3 for example are there also with 6.11, there are several plugins that are included by default that save the need for many people to use nerdpack anyways. for example perl is included now.
  3. another update, 6.10.x corrected/enabled a lot of the asus sensors but still had no fans. with unraid 6.11rc3 I can confirm fans are there now as well and all is working well: **update** updating to 6.11rc4 I can see even more fan/sensors added (asusec).
  4. if you are confused, just enable mover logging, enable test mode on the mover tuning plugin, and set the "Move Now button follows plug-in filters:" to yes. so you can just fire off the script and see what it would move. tweak values and repeat. once all good, turn off test mode... testing myself as i have it set to move stuff older than 10 days and "Move All from Cache-yes shares pool percentage:" set to 50%. with mover running weekly. with only 18% cache used, and a few files older than 10 days. firing it off.. it moved a few files older than 10 days. so the logic to move by age does not limit by the cache usage.
  5. unraid 6.11rc already comes with docker engine 20.10.17 # docker version Client: Version: 20.10.17 API version: 1.41 Go version: go1.17.11 Git commit: 100c701 Built: Mon Jun 6 22:56:42 2022 OS/Arch: linux/amd64 Context: default Experimental: true Server: Docker Engine - Community Engine: Version: 20.10.17 API version: 1.41 (minimum version 1.12) Go version: go1.17.11 Git commit: a89b842 Built: Mon Jun 6 23:01:45 2022 OS/Arch: linux/amd64 Experimental: false containerd: Version: v1.6.6 GitCommit: 10c12954828e7c7c9b6e0ea9b0c02b01407d3ae1 runc: Version: 1.1.2 GitCommit: v1.1.2-0-ga916309f docker-init: Version: 0.19.0 GitCommit: de40ad0 but "docker compose" is not valid # docker compose docker: 'compose' is not a docker command. See 'docker --help' so looks like docker-compose-plugin will still have to be installed.
  6. you could always just grab unrar latest and install it yourself. on most linux distros as they are always behind on unrar i just install non-free then replace with latest: wget https://www.rarlab.com/rar/rarlinux-x64-612.tar.gz tar -xzf rarlinux*.tar.gz sudo mv rar/unrar /usr/bin/unrar sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/unrar are you trying to update unrar for docker? (lsio has already updated, so have a few others now)
  7. minor cosmetic bug, it shows the same log entry but one is skipfile list one is skipfiles type : mvlogger "No Skipfiles Argument Supplied" mvlogger "No Skipfiles Argument Supplied" https://github.com/hugenbd/ca.mover.tuning/blob/master/source/ca.mover.tuning/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/age_mover#L149 kinda shocked there isnt an option to skip a folder, as lots of people probably want to skip their seeding/incomplete folder so mover doesnt move files out from under a downloader (let alone waste disk io and slow everything down). guessing people just get creative and try to just set folder as hidden? or use move by age and set the age high engouh?
  8. Noticed that if i resize the window large enough the _ would show up again and shrinking, it would disappear..
  9. If you open up a docker console, the _ character can be seen on the cli (editline) just fine. Then if you use less to view a file and then exit. Then the _ is no longer visible. If you press enter afterwards you can see it actually is there, just the editline is not showing it. I assume its prob some line height issue? example:
  10. My main computer + unraid are on a 2.5G switch and both have 2.5GbE ports. The unraid box has a realtek RTL8125 2.5GbE port on the motherboard, testing I would get full speed on 6.9.2 but after upgrading to 6.10.0 (and tested .1 + .2) the performance dropped. iperf3 udp test: unraid: iperf3 -s -p 5003 from windows machine, udp w/8 connections for 10 seconds: X:\iperf-3.1.3-win64> ./iperf3.exe -c -p 5003 -P8 -t10 -i1 -b 3G -u on 6.9.2 - 286 MBytes (2.40 Gbits/sec) on 6.10.1 - 179 MBytes (1.50 Gbits/sec) ethtool shows: can see the same driver loaded on 6.10.2 vs 6.9.2: lspci shows:
  11. I was checking something recently after upgrading to 6.10.2 and noticed that DiskSpeed created its main folder with a unknown user pid: :/mnt/user/appdata# ls -ld DiskSpeed/ drwxrwxrwx 1 65534 users 18 Apr 13 10:12 DiskSpeed// :/mnt/user/appdata/DiskSpeed# ls -alh total 0 drwxrwxrwx 1 65534 users 18 Apr 13 10:12 ./ drwxrwxrwx 1 nobody users 292 May 21 02:46 ../ drwxrwxrwx 1 65534 users 10 Apr 13 10:12 Instances/ seemed to work just fine however?
  12. For me I just had to go re-select the probes in settings > system temp. since the sensors names changed as newer linux kernel has better support for my mobo.
  13. after upgrading to 6.10 stable, when i go to "stats" it logs an error in unraid syslog:
  14. sharing above PSA since sandisk are not advisable. but anyways, since the drive is working for you it makes me just think your boot partition just needs re-doing once you have 6.10 installed. try running make_bootable script for your os.
  15. gt = guest tools for more info: https://github.com/virtio-win/virtio-win-guest-tools-installer