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  1. Looks like I've not been impacted? cache drive is btrfs, with the following dockers: mariadb, kodi-server, duplicati # cat /etc/unraid-version; /usr/sbin/smartctl -A /dev/sdb | awk '$0~/Power_On_Hours/{ printf "Days: %.1f\n", $10 / 24} $0~/LBAs/{ printf "TBW: %.1f\n", $10 * 512 / 1024^4 }' version="6.8.3" Days: 646.9 TBW: 10.3
  2. Looks like I've not been impacted. cache drive is btrfs, with the following dockers: mariadb, kodi-server, duplicati # cat /etc/unraid-version; /usr/sbin/smartctl -A /dev/sdb | awk '$0~/Power_On_Hours/{ printf "Days: %.1f\n", $10 / 24} $0~/LBAs/{ printf "TBW: %.1f\n", $10 * 512 / 1024^4 }' version="6.8.3" Days: 646.9 TBW: 10.3
  3. This falls flat if you use the --restart="on-failure" because the start logic isnt taken into consideration. Or if CA backup 'restores' the stuff stopped it doesnt do it in the configured order.
  4. goal: I want my mariadb container to start before kodi-server container tries to start. I know there is depends_on for docker but how do I use it with unraid's docker setup? I tried to add it via extra parameters like: --depends_on="mariadb" But that breaks the container, as its an invalid flag.
  5. nope, I only have three dockers as listed above. The one that doesnt start with ca backup is kodi-server. Nothing shows up in logs to let me know why however. Its a kodi headless docker I added from docker hub - https://hub.docker.com/r/celedhrim/kodi-server/
  6. I've noticed that if I do a manual backup it will stop and start my dockers just fine. When it auto does it, all my dockers restart but one. Is there a log I can dig through to see what CA backup v2 is doing? Also I noticed that CA backup v2 does NOT start the dockers in the same order (honor the ordering) that unraid does. It should be starting mariadb before kodi-server: Searching for updates to docker applications Starting duplicati Starting kodi-server Starting mariadb Backup/Restore Complete. tar Return Value: 0 Backup / Restore Completed
  7. upgraded to 6.8.3 from 6.8.2. nice and uneventful
  8. few questions, CA backup v1 it would create a dated subfolder with the appdata + usb backed up as a subfolder inside it. CA v2 it creates the "2020-03-01@13.31" subfolder for the appdata, so thats all the same. But, the usb+vm backups have their own location which are not using a dated subfolder. Is there a setting to have it also use a dated subfolder for the vm/usb backup locations? or make the vm/usb backups be part of the appdata dated subfolder (like v1 did)? also is there any control over how files+folders are named? for example, if i wanted to have it denote what version of unraid was being used when it was created. since a backup x days ago doesnt provide that context really.
  9. new version was pushed out #2020.02.14 - Fix: Write/Erase ops hang if display_pid is reused by the system
  10. currently 4G (2x2G). when I get around to a new build I'll probably do 32 or 64 gigs
  11. Personally I view it like test driving a car. Normally it wont change your mind about the confidence level you have in it.. but the rare event it does... it pays for itself. The time and energy/stress related to having your parity drive or something out of commission while you try to get another drive to replace it is just not worth it. *(which is why you should always keep a pre-cleared drive as a spare to reduce that scenario).
  12. digging through the "CA Docker Autostart Manager" it looks like its done by the order of the gui on startup. anyone know if it stops them in reverse order ?
  13. Running unraid 6.8.2 and starting to work with dockers some more and was curious about their shutdown/startup order. Does unraid start dockers in order of the docker name? by the order they are on the gui (which would then respect if you changed the order there)? If unraid does not do things in any specific order, how would one make sure for example my mariadb docker is started before my <insert other dockers that rely on it>?
  14. Right now I find it hard to visually tell if a docker is running or not (as the docker images take focus away from the state icons) One example would to add some css to lesen the opacity of the docker image if the state is stopped, here is an example: img.stopped { opacity: .35; filter: alpha(opacity=35); -webkit-transition: opacity .5s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: opacity .5s ease-in-out; -ms-transition: opacity .5s ease-in-out; -o-transition: opacity .5s ease-in-out; transition: opacity .5s ease-in-out; } preview:
  15. updated from 6.7.2 to 6.8.2, unable to start array. array tab just shows reboot or shutdown, looking at logs: Jan 28 18:24:02 husky emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2721: Device or resource busy (16): write Jan 28 18:24:02 husky kernel: mdcmd (47): stop Jan 28 18:24:02 husky kernel: md: 1 devices still in use. husky-diagnostics-20200128-1832.zip thinking it may be the recent security change... removing this line from my go file and rebooting: cp /boot/custom/docker-shell /usr/local/bin looks like that was the culprit... went and and just deleted this script since it's not really needed (was checking it out from a spaceinvader video) I know in the 6.8 notes it mentioned about the go entries no longer having the +x bit and you'd have to copy the files off.. but why did this kill the array from being able to boot? or was it just some fluke (I do not have array auto start enabled)