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  1. I have the LSI SAS 9207-8i - which if you compare the others it does pcie 3.0 and x8, so no bottle neck for mechanical drives. (most others are pcie 2.0) Depending on what firmware comes with the card, you may have to flash it into IT mode (so it doesnt try to do RAID), but pretty simple to do if you've ever updated a bios/firmware for anything before. reddit post from back in the day that gave a decent overview of what was out there: and about power usage, idling with a few dockers per the UPS module it shows the system is using 69 watts.
  2. Thanks, It's been a really long time since I've had a non mounted drive without the UD plugin installed. Made it a bit confusing because of all the talk in the 6.9 rc1 talk about removing UD and I was fearful that something was still left around.
  3. Also while on 6.9.0-rc1, Hooked the 2.5G motherboard port to my 2.5G switch (just quick test to see what unraid nego the RTL8125 port as) and sure confirm it does 2.5G. Testing on 6.8.3 it looks like it will do 2.5G there as well. So weekend project now to replace switch then iperf
  4. loaded up 6.9 rc1, can confirm I get temps now, no fans though doing sensors-detect then loading what it suggest, I can see: # sensors k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter Vcore: 913.00 mV Vsoc: 1.09 V Tctl: +39.8°C CPU Temp: +39.8°C MB Temp: +32.8°C Icore: 0.00 A Isoc: 7.50 A nvme-pci-0300 Adapter: PCI adapter Composite: +31.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +84.8°C) (crit = +84.8°C) Sensor 1: +31.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C) Sensor 2: +35.9°C (low = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C)
  5. I'm wanting to remove UD so I can test out 6.9 RC1. I'm on 6.8.3, I removed UD + UD Extra. Restarted unraid. I confirmed no install on the startup but I still have the "Unassigned Disk" tab on the main unraid page. Can see below, it shows the tab and a drive but cant really do much with it.. I wold have expected the tab to not be there anymore?
  6. doesnt unraid by default enable 'domain' ?
  7. ASUS X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero with a Ryzen 3700X running unraid 6.8.3 installed perl (perl-5.32.0-x86_64-1.txz) with nerdpack then installed dynamix system temps. detect returns "k10temp nct6775" and clicked load drivers. there are no fan or temp options for any of the drop downs. Logs show: Dec 6 21:25:43 husky kernel: nct6775: Found NCT6796D or compatible chip at 0x2e:0x290 Dec 6 21:25:43 husky kernel: ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000295-0x0000000000000296 conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000290-0x0000000000000299 (\AMW0.SHWM) (20180810/
  8. loaded up perl and Dynamix System Temp, it detected "k10temp nct6775" but not showing any temp probes. Looking around it looks like ryzen 3000 requires newer kernel than what comes with 6.8.3 to get stuff to detect properly. I do not want to run 6.9.x betas.. so I'll come back to this once I can test with my backup unraid flash and no drives connected.
  9. have a free usb port (just do usb 3.0 or anything with type c so you can actually get 1G speeds)? https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Ethernet-1000Mbps-Nintendo-Chromebook/dp/B00LLUEJFU/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=UGREEN+Ethernet+Adapter+Gigabit+Network+to+USB&qid=1607066618&sr=8-2 https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Ethernet-Thunderbolt-Converter-Chromebook/dp/B082K62S48/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=UGREEN+Ethernet+Adapter+Gigabit+Network+to+USB&qid=1607066559&sr=8-3 per release notes, chipset support was added in 6.0-beta11g and others here ha
  10. unless you need other things in 6.9.x, why not just run 6.8.3 and get a cheapo nic that IS supported and use that until 6.9.x is good? I asked on the 6.8.3 thread but i'll ask here too.. is there any chance of a 6.8.4 to be released that has the 1 MiB alignment stuff included? as I am also in that boat that I dont want to go to 6.9.x early to get the feature.
  11. I use --restart="on-failure" for my kodi docker. If I stop the docker manually via the unraid gui it stops cleanly. If CA backup tries to stop the docker it shuts down but then restarts as it views it as a failure... why this is the case I'm not sure. It seems like a bug with CA backup. So basically I stopped using CA backup automatically and just go stop the dockers manually then fire off a manual CA backup. Not a great solution I know.
  12. Went ahead and picked up the ASUS X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Updated to latest bios 11/24/2020 (version 2702). Enabled SVM. Installed nvme m.2 drive in bottom slot (group 21), LSI card in bottom x16 (group 25) and video in x1 slot (group 23). Moved drives over to new mobo and all came up without any effort with 6.8.3. IOMMU Groups: IOMMU group 0: [1022:1482] 00:01.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Host Bridge IOMMU group 1: [1022:1483] 00:01.2 PCI bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Starship/Matisse GPP
  13. @limetech any chance there will be a 6.8.4 released with the 1 MiB alignment stuff? for those that dont want to jump to a beta to get the support?
  14. The mellanox solution does not work for me (the server and nas are not in the same room) but it is something I've thought about. Cat7 is already pre-wired in the house which is why I stubbornly wanted to utilize that route instead. ~$100 - ASUS XG-C100C 10G Network Adapter PCI-E x4 Card with Single RJ-45 Port -- x4 card, so would eat up PCIe larger slot but deff works with unraid ~$60 - ASUS PCE-C2500 2.5G Base-T PCIe x1 Card (2.5G/1G/100Mbps) with Single RJ45 Port -- x1 card, so much more flexibility but not sure of unraid support due to how new it is
  15. I had a whole blurp about buying the addon card rather than trying to get everything natively since it makes the motherboard options limited and at a higher price (especially for 10GbE). Right now there has been a run on X570 boards so its even harder to find decently priced options with 1G+ nics. I had eyed Aquantia stuff for awhile but never bit due to lack of consumer switches that were decently priced. Then as some stuff came out then they got bought out by Marvell and the stand alone cards pretty much dried up (asus still has their one, ~$100). Then you saw the blip of 10GbE i
  16. Tl;DR; Mental notes for my quest to figure out what I wanted to build and why. Figured others may benefit from my thought vomit. Thoughts only valid upto Nov 2020. As I'm sure things will change with newer chipsets/cpus. Quick history: I started using unraid 7+ years ago back before vm/docker/dual nic/etc were a thing. I've been wanting to upgrade my aging setup for a bit now as its resources are a limiting factor to doing vm or certain plugins. My setup: Nexus Prominent 9 w/ 3x Norco SS-500 (5in3 bays) with Intel i3-3220, 4G ram, and two sas expande
  17. sharing here as I was looking around at possibly doing new intel build with latest chipset and saw reports of packetloss with 2.5G nic: https://thinkcomputers.org/intel-foxville-2-5gb-nic-flaw-advisory-circulated/
  18. I do bridge as i want stuff isolated and there are minimal ports i need to access. BTW you do need to have a mysql/mariadb docker so kodi can store data. For the kodi-headless docker, these are my settings (advanced view):
  19. I'm planning on doing a new amd build and wanted to get some benefit out of my 2.5G switch and was hoping that unraid would support it by now. Can someone confirm if unraid 6.9.x in fact does do 2.5G with one of these nic's: Realtek RTL8125-CG (from ASUS CROSSHAIR VIII HERO) Dragon RTL8125AG (from ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X)
  20. Looks like I've not been impacted? cache drive is btrfs, with the following dockers: mariadb, kodi-server, duplicati # cat /etc/unraid-version; /usr/sbin/smartctl -A /dev/sdb | awk '$0~/Power_On_Hours/{ printf "Days: %.1f\n", $10 / 24} $0~/LBAs/{ printf "TBW: %.1f\n", $10 * 512 / 1024^4 }' version="6.8.3" Days: 646.9 TBW: 10.3
  21. Looks like I've not been impacted. cache drive is btrfs, with the following dockers: mariadb, kodi-server, duplicati # cat /etc/unraid-version; /usr/sbin/smartctl -A /dev/sdb | awk '$0~/Power_On_Hours/{ printf "Days: %.1f\n", $10 / 24} $0~/LBAs/{ printf "TBW: %.1f\n", $10 * 512 / 1024^4 }' version="6.8.3" Days: 646.9 TBW: 10.3
  22. This falls flat if you use the --restart="on-failure" because the start logic isnt taken into consideration. Or if CA backup 'restores' the stuff stopped it doesnt do it in the configured order.
  23. goal: I want my mariadb container to start before kodi-server container tries to start. I know there is depends_on for docker but how do I use it with unraid's docker setup? I tried to add it via extra parameters like: --depends_on="mariadb" But that breaks the container, as its an invalid flag.
  24. nope, I only have three dockers as listed above. The one that doesnt start with ca backup is kodi-server. Nothing shows up in logs to let me know why however. Its a kodi headless docker I added from docker hub - https://hub.docker.com/r/celedhrim/kodi-server/
  25. I've noticed that if I do a manual backup it will stop and start my dockers just fine. When it auto does it, all my dockers restart but one. Is there a log I can dig through to see what CA backup v2 is doing? Also I noticed that CA backup v2 does NOT start the dockers in the same order (honor the ordering) that unraid does. It should be starting mariadb before kodi-server: Searching for updates to docker applications Starting duplicati Starting kodi-server Starting mariadb Backup/Restore Complete. tar Return Value: 0 Backup / Restore Completed