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(Solved) Need suggestions on upgrading to dual parity

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I just upgraded to 6.4.1 and would like to upgrade to dual parity,  larger data drives and cache pool.

I only have room for 6 HDD and 2 SSD.


Currently I have:

1 x 3TB Parity drive

5 x 3TB Data drives (disk 1 is currently empty as it is failing)

1 x SSD cache drive


I would like to upgrade to:

2 x Parity drives (6TB or greater)

4 x Data drives (6TB or greater)

2 x SSD Cache pool


Should I upgrade single parity to a larger drive first before removing the failing drive?

Should I remove the failing drive, reassign the others and rebuild parity before upgrading to a larger parity drive?

Or could I remove the failing drive, reassign the others and upgrade to larger dual parity drives all at the same time?


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If you want to remove the failing drive best way would be to do a new config with the remaining data drives and new parity, a parity sync will be done at first array start, check that all other disks have healthy SMART reports before doing it though.

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You might want to read this thread.  It presents some statistical calculation on the risk involved involving data arrays with no parity, single parity and dual parity.





I would suggest reading the entire thread as that were several interesting statistical points and other risks factors discussed.  ('Yes, Virginia, there are other risks of data loss besides drive failures') 

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Thank you both for the replies, especially the link frank1940 provided on the benefits of single vs dual parity.

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