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Extremely Slow, Gui slow, Estimated speed: less than 1mb/s Help please!


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Hello everyone!


So I have been using unraid for 5 months or so and I finally upgraded from my old i3 desktop to a actual server! Hurray! But there are a bunch of issues I am now having and I need help.


I swapped out a drive for my parity drive to rebuild parity and it starts off great and then next thing you know it is going at a rate less tham 5mb/s sometimes less than 1mb/s and that is horrible with an 8tb parity drive. If I try to run the drive without the parity it works okay but quickly becomes unusable. I attached my diagnostics files and would really appreciate the help.



Model: Custom
M/B: Supermicro - X9DRi-LN4+/X9DR3-LN4+
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz
HVM: Enabled
IOMMU: Enabled
Cache: 512 kB, 2048 kB, 20480 kB
Memory: 64 GB Multi-bit ECC (max. installable capacity 1536 GB)
Network: bond0: fault-tolerance (active-backup), mtu 1500 
 eth0: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1500 
 eth1: not connected
 eth2: not connected
 eth3: not connected
Kernel: Linux 4.14.40-unRAID x86_64
OpenSSL: 1.0.2o
Uptime: 0 days, 04:46:35








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I reset the motherboard to the default settings to make sure any tweaks the past owner did would not apply seeing if it would help and it did not change anything.


I will check for auto/xmp and dor a memtest86 test. Not sure how long it will take with 64gb of ram but I will give it a whirl. Luckily I just bought it off theserverstore so if the ram is bad they would swap it out for me.


I will run memtest86+ right now and see if it works. Thank you sooo much eschultz for responding so fast. I love unraid and this was the first time I had an issue and this was an amazingly fast response time.

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Also this is the only setting I saw in the bios about ram figure I take a screen grab and show it since I am still learning a lot about server hardware and all this fancy stuff. Currently still in school for compi sci/info system,





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10 minutes ago, taserz said:

Also this is the only setting I saw in the bios about ram figure I take a screen grab and show it since I am still learning a lot about server hardware and all this fancy stuff.


Those memory setting seem fine.  Try running that memory test option from the boot menu.  I'd run that test for several hours at least but you might see errors pretty quickly if the memory is bad.

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6 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Check the board's SEL (system event log), there might be some more info there, single bit memory errors would be corrected by ECC and go undetected by memtest.


Should I let memtest finish first it says it's at 80%


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1 minute ago, johnnie.black said:

DIMM C1 need to be replaced, this might be unrelated to your speed issues, but it needs to be replaced anyway.


Do you think that could possibly be why it was causing the machine to randomly hangup and be extremely slow at times. Maybe when it was in use?


If I just pull that stick of ram and my problem persists do you have any thoughts on what I should be looking for to resolve or identify the problem?

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I just swapped Ram slot DIMMC1 and the on next to it and started unraid with dockers and everything on to see if it follows the possible bad stick or if it is the ram slot on the motherboard. I started the dockers to ensure the ram sticks would be used. Looks like it is following the bad stick!


I am going to pull it and make sure it runs stable will report on my findings.



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Okay this is just really weird... After pulling those other 2 I checked and take a look at this...


10,System Event,2018/05/30 15:29:05 Wed,Memory,#0x00,Assertion: Memory| Event = Correctable ECC@DIMMB1(CPU1)


Another 1????


Does this make any sense or could it honestly be shit ram?



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6 minutes ago, taserz said:

Also on a side note... I just realized my 500gb ssd is showing up in unraid at 1tb? Is there a way to fix this I am not sure what unraid will try to do once it gets to 500gb.

You have an unassigned SSD that is currently part of the cache pool, you can remove it with (with the array started):


btrfs dev del /dev/sdb1 /mnt/cache

Check it's still sbd as it was in the diags posted.


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1 minute ago, johnnie.black said:

btrfs dev del /dev/sdb1 /mnt/cache



Yeah I was going to have it set as a raid 0 but I did not want a headache if it fails so I am going to way to get a third ssd so everything has a parity.


I ran that command and it didn't seem the chance the number. I see sdb in my unassigned devices.

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