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[6.5.2] Controlling Media File Access For Kids - Shares/Permissions?


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Hi all,


Longtime happy unRAID user here.  I have been using unRAID to serve up media for my family via home network to three separate Kodi frontend boxes for years now, but the kids are getting old enough to poke around and view content that isn't appropriate for their age, and I'd like to limit this on their particular Kodi box.  When I originally set up my User Shares in unRAID I just used generic "TV Shows" and "Movies" and "Music" shares and did not separate it by suitability for kids vs. grownups.  Does anyone know of a way to create a "virtual" share that only provides access to files I specifially select / approve for kid viewing?  Could this be accomplished with permissions of some kind in unRAID or Kodi, or do I have to create a new user share and move all the kid content into it?  If the latter, should I try to use Midnight Commander to do so?


Thanks in advance for advice.


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Yeah that is what I do, separate folders, I have Movies, TV Shows and subfolders under these... Kids and Normal, I initially had kids and adult but it sounded a bit too porny which it isnt!


As the kids get older, every so often I move some things from Normal to the kids folders.

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