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[6.3.5] Drives issues


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I currently have a 6tb parity drives with errors, was planning to replace it with a 8tb drive that is currently on it's way to me. I did a long test on the drive without errors, so I assumed it was a one off thing. Yet today, one drive red ball errored out, and the other also got some errors seemingly around the same time. Not sure what's going on, the computer case hasn't been touched in a long while. So that's 1 red ball drive and 2 drives with errors. Any advice would be appreciated, should I stop my server right now so that no more drives can give me a red ball error? Or should I try to run a long disk check on the 2 drives that gave me errors today?


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Yea the errors just came out of the blue after running so long.. so I just need to stop and start the array again to get the red ball fixed by restoring the drive right? I think I will do a drive check on the error drive in the meantime. 

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