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  1. Thanks, I restarted and luckily all is working fine. I have also updated my bios for some good measure. Just curious, is it possible for the Nvme SSD to fail? How would we find out in Unraid?
  2. /bin/ls: cannot access 'user': Input/output error /bin/ls: cannot access 'cache': Input/output error Is this a serious problem? tower-diagnostics-20200621-0238.zip
  3. Unfortunately no I didn’t. Right after I turned my machine off, I (iirc) updated my bios the next boot and it was back to normal. The drive was still secured so I didn’t touch it. Haven’t had this same issue since.
  4. I thought that it was “disposable” and it would be great if it was in “incognito” mode everytime for just playing around. I just didn’t want the config folder to be the default folder since it isn’t multi tenant(?). I will figure out if it’s possible to change the default save directory to a folder that I will map it to. At the very least that will indicate users not to touch anything outside of my sandbox folder. Thank you both for your inputs.
  5. This is the default Save folder. Which is saved inside the config folder for the container data. Feels wrong to me, especially if the user can just navigate to upper folder easily (on a desktop). Is there a way to hide it? Change the default folder?
  6. Is there a way not to expose to config folder?
  7. Do I have to add a new volume mapping? The default current save directory is loading /config/workspace/Untitled-1 which I don't think is correct..? The user can traverse upwards and expose the config folder...
  8. How do we access and run the script?
  9. Thanks. Does this mean that I have to manually add a volume to docker that map to my folder, in order to “see” external folder? Also, based on that article, does it mean I can share a specific folder in my Dropbox and finally allow other users to use my Dropbox account storage without having a business account?
  10. I already have a 2tb folder on unraid that I want to share. How do I make that folder be shown in nextcloud? And even better yet like a normal folder so I can edit or move files around inside nextcloud?
  11. I wanted some users to be able to access a specific share folder on my unraid, including download files and uploading files, even changing directory structure, within the confines of that share folder. Will this solve my problem? And is the installation guide on the first post dated 2017 still valid/updated?
  12. Used this without issues, but now I'm getting the following errors after upgrading my account from pro to business teams trial. I am storing it directly in a disk (not user share)
  13. Ok I will keep that in mind, will update again if this issue persists in the future... thank you!
  14. Not sure what happened but it’s working now. I reboot it, Bios detected the nvme, but I updated the bios just in case. Works fine now. Appreciate your help!
  15. I think you are right, I rebooted and it is no longer being detected.. I will shutdown and see if the bios can detect it... I hope it didn't died because its pretty new