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  1. Thanks, pretty sure it's already screwed down tight a couple months ago, but will still double check the screw in case it somehow came loose. So far it's been running for 24 hours and all seems to be fine 🤞Let's see what happens during the next parity check next month..that's when the read/drive errors will usually appear again
  2. Ok, restarted the server and luckily all seems to be working fine... have attached the diagnostics again. tower-diagnostics-20190724-0213.zip tower-syslog-20190724-0214.zip
  3. Alright, will shutdown the server and hope for the best. Thanks! Will post a new diagnostics by tomorrow.
  4. Anyone else got any further input on how to proceed?
  5. Yea very weird, there is no red ball or anything, just silently disappears. Does this mean the drive data is gone?
  6. It went down 12 hours ago and i'm not sure why.. only discovered it went down when the docker containers werent running and said something about a readonly file system (cache). This is a 2 month old ssd drive and it was working fine all along. Attached a copy of the syslog (red logs are all the way down) and diagnostics. I have stopped my docker service. Should I shutdown my server as well? tower-syslog-20190721-0314.zip tower-diagnostics-20190721-0317.zip
  7. I have the same issue, and I'm using a X470 GAMING PRO CARBON mobo.. can't believe there are no sensors when bios detects it fine...
  8. Thanks! Working fine, able to connect now! Now I just need to find out why my new nonadmin users don't have a cert (client cert revoked) and fix it.. edit: worked by itself after a while. all good
  9. How do we connect to the docker from iOS OpenVPN Connect app? I selected Access Server and put in the details but it isnt working. Edit: needed to provide 9443 in port field. Edit 2: why is it connecting to my docker internal ip 172.17.x.x:1194?
  10. Ah yes it's working now, I guess I tried it while it was still loading up. I just realise that it's limited for 2 connections? I remember it was totally free and open source?
  11. Got a x470 msi carbon pro board with ryzen 2700 with the latest bios, and dynamix system temps is not detecting any drivers. is there something we should do to fix it?
  12. Yes that is exactly right. My hdd temps are better than ever. I’ve read that the temp reported might be the controller temps and not the M2 drive temp itself. Is that possible?
  13. As for the shutdown issue some say is a controller driver issue. I’m not exactly sure what that means though.
  14. It’s weird because everything is new. New mobo new case new M2 stick. Wonder what’s causing it to heat up. Some say is controller temps and not the stick temp itself. Have not touch it physically to see the temps..
  15. I’m also getting very high temp since installing the M2 SSD, with today getting up to 71degrees celcius. When I first installed it was below 40 degrees celcius. It fluctuates quite a bit between 50-70 now. Is this normal? It is a 512GB 970pro Samsung nvme M2 drive.