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  1. Is this docker image working for Dropbox again?
  2. The USB drive is my flash/boot drive, I hope it’s not dying. Any way to check? Ever since I replaced the data cables and replaced disk2 with a bigger drive, the array has been working fine. I will order a second drive as parity once the drives are on sale. But before that I need to clear my disk2 first before I dump it away for recycling. Is it possible to clear the disk using unraid via a usb3 cable or just direct cable, without adding it onto the array?
  3. First time the usb drive disconnected. Ended up rebooting the server, and all seems ok again. Disk2 is rebuilding drive from 0%. Attached rebooted diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20190930-0141.zip
  4. I got a new drive recently and was trying to replace disk2, but near the middle it seems that my usb drive disconnected/died. Is the restoration process still going on or should I just shut it down and check/replace the usb drive? syslog
  5. In other words, it’s possible I got lucky? 😀
  6. 🤷‍♂️or maybe it could be a bug somewhere.. Anyway I have attached fresh diagnostics since then, could be useful. tower-diagnostics-20190917-0046.zip
  7. Yes without any read errors on disk2 or sync errors. I’ll generate a diagnostics for reference in a moment. Reaching home soon.
  8. Ok. I’ll proceed to format my disk8 then and make it usable. In the meantime I have ordered a new 10tb to replace disk2. Hopefully the next rebuild on disk2 will be error free! by the way my parity check completed without issues. So I guess that’s good(?). Will update back here if things go wrong. Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. Got it. I hope it's really part of some media files, 29 KB will be insignificant if so. Is there a set of instructions that I can refer for replacing disk2? It doesn't seem straightforward. I need to remove Disk8 completely (update parity drive?), then remove disk2, and put the 10tb disk (from disk8) in its place (disk2 slot). Is this correct, do I need to create a new config? 😱
  10. Unfortunately I am using XFS and not BTRFS.. well I guess my disk1 data is now set in stone... I assume 54 errors means 54 sectors not filling up/corrupted, and assuming 4k aligned so that's 216KB of non/continuous of data lost? as i am still running parity check (non-correcting), i should not be seeing any errors since disk1 is already set in stone, so i can cancel it now? i will: 1. replace sata cable/controller for disk7. 2. order 2x 10tb drives - 1 to add as second parity, another to replace disk2. are there any instructions on how best to do this together? actually, since my brand new disk8 is still unformatted and unused, can i use convert it to the second parity drive for now? or would you recommend me to replace disk2 first? in the meantime do you think my array safe to use normally (if no more critical errors appear)? thank you very much for your help.
  11. I see... yea I didn’t have dual parity because I remember reading some limitations or some issues with it early on. Is it highly suggested and problem free to add a second parity drive nowadays? Will it prevent these kind of rebuild errors in the future? I’m now doing a parity check (without writing corrections) and see what happens. Currently 14% in with no sync errors detected. Is it possible to check Disk1 again to make sure the the parity drive writes to it correctly? I'm afraid because in the same session I added in a new drive, and it sort of screwed up. To confirm, a correcting parity check does nothing now if the data on disk1 is already not 100% error free? What are my moves here? Possible to recommend me what to do next? Is it also possible to find out what files were affected by this?
  12. Hi, some backstory. I added a new disk8 and was clearing it when the connection on my disk1 died, so I didn't format disk8 and wanted to shutdown the server to fix disk1 connection. After I managed to fixed it (apparently the cable died for some reason), it prompted for a data rebuild (even though i dont think it was required). Now, while it went through the parity check/data rebuild process, it seems like several health issues on various drives popped up. Disk 2 had a Current pending sector count of 1 but 0 reallocated event count (it didn't grow further though). Disk 7 also had its udma crc error count grow from 4 to 10 (I am going to try to replace this sata cable with a new one). The data rebuild was complete but with 54 errors! Does it mean some parts of the data was not restored? Or does it mean the parity drive was updated? I'm a bit worried here.. usually it's 0 errors. Attached logs. tower-diagnostics-20190915-1235.zip tower-syslog-20190915-1251.zip
  13. Thanks, pretty sure it's already screwed down tight a couple months ago, but will still double check the screw in case it somehow came loose. So far it's been running for 24 hours and all seems to be fine 🤞Let's see what happens during the next parity check next month..that's when the read/drive errors will usually appear again
  14. Ok, restarted the server and luckily all seems to be working fine... have attached the diagnostics again. tower-diagnostics-20190724-0213.zip tower-syslog-20190724-0214.zip