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  1. Thank you for the reassurance! Only seeing these yellow warnings: Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: ACPI: Early table checksum verification disabled Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: pci 0000:27:00.0: BAR 9: failed to assign [mem size 0x00400000 64bit] Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: pci 0000:27:00.0: BAR 7: failed to assign [mem size 0x00040000 64bit] Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: floppy0: no floppy controllers found Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: random: 6 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting Mar 22 22:19:27 Tower rpc.statd[193
  2. Ok it's back after shutdown, but it is under unassigned, and if I select it as a cache drive, it says New device. Will my cache drive data still be there? How can I fix or restore it without causing further issues?
  3. Seems like the cache drive is no longer detected
  4. Thanks, weird how it just dropped off. It didn't happened on the past few months until I updated the software and restarted the computer. Will restart and see if it makes any difference. I don't think the bios have any NVMe power states (I am using Restarting now, will report back soon
  5. Attached diagnostics as
  6. I am seeing this on my cache drive: Mar 21 22:26:12 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/nvme0n1 Mar 21 22:52:12 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (1683): mount -t xfs -o noatime /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt/cache Mar 21 22:52:12 Tower kernel: XFS (nvme0n1p1): Mounting V5 Filesystem Mar 21 22:52:12 Tower kernel: XFS (nvme0n1p1): Ending clean mount Mar 22 03:01:36 Tower root: /mnt/cache: 190.3 GiB (204309774336 bytes) trimmed on /dev/nvme0n1p1 Mar 22 19:40:33 Tower kernel: XFS (nvme0n1p1): metadata I/O error in "xfs_imap_to_bp+0x5c/0xa2 [xfs]" at daddr 0xf4afae0 len 32 error 5 Mar 22 19:40:33 Tower kernel: XFS
  7. Fixed after restarting the switch. It was in a stuck state. The lights weren’t moving and the lan port had no light as well. But the blue light was ready. What the heck.
  8. Updated fine until 5.12.72 and shortly after updating and open the dashboard it took down the network. Completely dead. Any ideas why? Do I need to update my USG firmware in order to use the later controller version? Why can a controller update take down a network oh my goodness... Update: turned off and on USG and now it’s blinking white light. The LAN port is still not lighted up, same as before the restart. Update 2: steady blue light now. Still no go.
  9. I just got a Unifi Flex Mini and the quick start guide says controller v5.12.5 and newer is required in order to adopt it. I am currently on tag 5.10.26-ls32. Should I upgrade to latest of v5.10 (5.10.27-ls32) before moving to latest of v5.11 (5.11.50-ls40) and then latest of v5.12 (5.12.72-ls61), so on and so forth until v5.14 (5.14.23-ls76)? Update: just realised 5.10.27-ls32 is not a valid one, will try the next latest version.
  10. Thanks, I restarted and luckily all is working fine. I have also updated my bios for some good measure. Just curious, is it possible for the Nvme SSD to fail? How would we find out in Unraid?
  11. /bin/ls: cannot access 'user': Input/output error /bin/ls: cannot access 'cache': Input/output error Is this a serious problem?
  12. Unfortunately no I didn’t. Right after I turned my machine off, I (iirc) updated my bios the next boot and it was back to normal. The drive was still secured so I didn’t touch it. Haven’t had this same issue since.
  13. I thought that it was “disposable” and it would be great if it was in “incognito” mode everytime for just playing around. I just didn’t want the config folder to be the default folder since it isn’t multi tenant(?). I will figure out if it’s possible to change the default save directory to a folder that I will map it to. At the very least that will indicate users not to touch anything outside of my sandbox folder. Thank you both for your inputs.
  14. This is the default Save folder. Which is saved inside the config folder for the container data. Feels wrong to me, especially if the user can just navigate to upper folder easily (on a desktop). Is there a way to hide it? Change the default folder?