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  1. Thanks. Reboot works. No need for me to touch the docker image, it wasn't filled (30GB out of 50GB). Log usage is fine now. Not sure what was up initially that caused it to error/lock up.. Also checked the container size, and they seems ok (not sure why the docker image is 30GB though)
  2. I also just noticed that the logs are now 100% full and hence the logs are not showing anything, any idea how to clear it the proper way from the system? Seems like log are empty right now... Seems like something is bugged with the system
  3. Ah I see.. thanks for the info! Yes I had this problem once before, long time I think. But I just went to click Container Size, and it says Total Size of 8.49GB, not 50GB though...Writeable is nan, so not sure which I should be seeing.. Also I went to Settings, Docker, I am seeing this: btrfs filesystem show: Label: none uuid: 82c80fd8-8bfa-4379-9cfa-37a7ca41205f Total devices 1 FS bytes used 13.34GiB devid 1 size 50.00GiB used 30.57GiB path /dev/loop2 which seems like it's not filled up yet as well. I can follow the wiki to delete and recreate but this might happen again without hitting 50GB... Any idea what is happening?
  4. Not sure what is going on... quite sudden
  5. Thanks. One thing I would note is that v1 settings is not ported over so luckily I took a screenshot of existing settings beforehand. Also noticed the compression option is off by default and I have turned it on, hoping to use less space. One more question, if I don't use (My Servers), can I use the same destination folder for USB Backup Destination and libvirt.img Destination like how it was previously? In v1 the destination folder was the same for all and it created a folder named Community_Applications_USB_Backup and Community_Applications_VM_XML_Backup in the e.g. CommunityApplicationsAppdataBackup/2021-07-20@05.00 folder.
  6. I am getting this warning: How can I migrate over to v2 without loss to my old backups and retain the settings and still being able to be restored? What is the correct upgrade steps? I think currently the /mnt/user/appdata/ is being saved to a /mnt/user/cabackup folder, basically copied pasted the appdata folder together with some extra files and dumped into a dated folder in this cabackup i made last time.
  7. Thanks! Trying it out now, the top right notifications shows this, should be ok/correct right? Unraid Disk 7 error: 30-07-2021 09:29 PM Warning [XXXX] - Disk 7, drive not ready, content being reconstructed WDC_WD80EFZX-xxxx (sdj) Unraid Parity sync / Data rebuild: 30-07-2021 09:29 PM Notice [XXXX] - Parity sync / Data rebuild started Size: 8 TB Thanks again in advance!
  8. Turned off the pc, turn it on again. Became like this.. what do I do now to resolve it?
  9. How do I know which version this is running? Some trackers banned the latest R2 build for transmission due to a bug. How do I get the build before R2? Which tag should I use?
  10. I see that iperf3 is 3.9, how can I get the latest 3.10.1 version?
  11. Thanks. A reboot should be fine when the cache drive is detected again alright? Should I wait for the parity to complete first? I reckon it will start from zero again if I restart now As for the invalid entry, any idea where can I find the source of it?
  12. Having some errors, not sure when did the docker service failed and for how long (hope it wasn't long). Saw the log with lots of errors, not sure what to do or what's happening.. currently the monthly parity check is running. Would appreciate any advice.
  13. Thank you for the reassurance! Only seeing these yellow warnings: Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: ACPI: Early table checksum verification disabled Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: pci 0000:27:00.0: BAR 9: failed to assign [mem size 0x00400000 64bit] Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: pci 0000:27:00.0: BAR 7: failed to assign [mem size 0x00040000 64bit] Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: floppy0: no floppy controllers found Mar 22 22:19:24 Tower kernel: random: 6 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting Mar 22 22:19:27 Tower rpc.statd[1933]: Failed to read /var/lib/nfs/state: Success But so far so good, hope it stays that way.. thanks a lot!
  14. Ok it's back after shutdown, but it is under unassigned, and if I select it as a cache drive, it says New device. Will my cache drive data still be there? How can I fix or restore it without causing further issues?
  15. Seems like the cache drive is no longer detected