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How do I increase the size of the docker image?

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I am getting this in Fix Common Problems:


Docker image file is getting full (currently 90 % used)


You should either increase the available image size to the docker image here [DOCKER SETTINGS] or investigate the possibility of docker applications storing completed downloads / incomplete downloads / etc within the actual docker image here: [DOCKER]  More Information


I don't see anything that will let me increase it under docker settings.  Please help a dummy out!  I am not able to upgrade my docker images, I assume because I'm out of space.

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Just resurrecting this conversation for a moment.  I know I can 'simply' increase the size, however, I also know it isn't necessarily the right way.  I have a total of 9 images, which are taking up a total of 15gb.  I have my suspicions on the culprit but wanted to find out for sure.


I grabbed and ran the script in this video but it is not showing me one of the important sections..."List of docker volumes, the container which they are connected to their size".  I will note that I am running UR, v.6.12.8. and, it should also be noted that I am running with datasets (ZFS), which I suspect is causing the problem...

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Posted (edited)

1 You can view how large each docker container is:


Go to docker tab of unraid, near the bottom of the page there is a button called [Container Size] it's next to the update all containers button


2 You can do the following terminal commands:

List docker volumes (these are internally stored data volumes created by docker containers you are running)


docker volumes ls


List size of docker volumes that might be taking up space


du -h -d 1 /var/lib/docker/volumes


 Delete unused docker volumes:


docker volume prune


Inspect a docker volume


docker volume inspect <name_of_volume>


Manually delete a docker volume (use with caution)

cd /var/lib/docker/volumes
rm -r <folder name>


3 You can use user-scripts plugin:


user scripts plugin here


The default scripts included are:

- Delete any dangling images from the docker.img file

- Display the size of the docker container's log files (to see if a docker app is filling up the image file through excessive logging)


And you can also add the following scripts from here

- Clean Docker Logs

- Get size of running containers





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