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Drive spindown schedules


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In spring / summer it gets hot at home, so during the day when i am at work, i want the drives to spin down aggressively.  However, when i am home at 17:00 i would like the disks to stay spun up to stop lag when accessing network folders on the PC, or when watching movies / tv shows on Kodi


As it is, i have to log into unraid, and change the spindown schedule every evening, and then re change it before bed - its a massive pain in the backside


i would love to be able to set a schedule for when the drives spin down / stay up.


Surely i can't be the only person who thinks this would be brilliant, and i can't imagine its difficult to do, with the talent available.



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Ditto on the same. I'm new to Unraid but thriving on energy and noise optimization. My server has a Supermicro board with dual Xeon CPU. The heat in my small office is intense during the warm summer weeks. I'm trying to find the sweet spot where the server is really only working when I'm around but it's always available for ad hoc tasks.

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