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tricks to identify drives in a rack mounted chassis


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I have a supermicro 3U rack mount chassis and I am trying to match up which drive numbers are in which slots in the chassis. I have a number of white label drives that have been relabeled with Serial numbers that do not match what Unraid shows.


Anyone got any tricks to determine what drive is where?  I have tried turning off all services and then hitting the smart test to see which drive lights up, but that isnt always helpful.


it'd be great if there was a locate  button on each drive in unraid that when pressed, flashes the drive lights. (I realize not all servers are rack mounts and it may not be useful for all).

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Just start a long read from a disk, like gzip a 1080p remux or something.  That's what I did when I lost track of what was where.  Since then, I've made sure that the "slot" in the system is mapped to the "disk" in the array, it can be annoying if you are in an upgrade cycle, but picking a "slot1" in the server and making sure that disk is assigned as "disk1" makes life easy, as you always know which disk is the one you are adding/replacing/moving when you are doing it :).

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