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I'm about to start my second attempt at using unlimited online storage via Plexdrive and Duplicati linked to a unlimited Google Drive account.  My internet connection is about to get upgraded to 200/200, so uploading TBs of data (subject to a 750GB/day upload limit) has become a reality.  Before I get too embedded though, I was wondering what other users experiences have been?


My setup will involve:


  1.  A G Suite Business Account for £6.60/pm with 20% off in the first year and a new domain for £10/pa - £63/pa Yr1 then £89/pa thereafter. This comes with unlimited storage as apparently google don't enforce the rule that unlimited storage is only available when you pay for five or more users (untested yet)
  2. Free Plexdrive/rclone/unionfs setup - allows me to encrypt and store media files on the unlimited space and play like they are local files, without any api issues.  I've tested so far with a few small files as my connection at the moment is only 18/1, and it all seems to work fine
  3. Free Duplicati docker for backup - will backup remaining local files


£63-90/pa for an unlimited backup solution alone would be good value, so the unlimited media file storage is just a bonus IMHO. 


My plan at the moment is to not add any more storage to my local system (38TB) and move content to the cloud, including not replacing HDDs when they inevitably fail.  


I'm curious to know how other people have been using unlimited online storage or what their plans for the future are.

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49 minutes ago, Ice_Black said:

If I were you, I would duplicate the media files to another cloud provider as well.


I would not want to use a single cloud storage service as the only storage location for important data.


More than one cloud service have closed down - or significantly changed the conditions of the services - after realizing that their business model wasn't working well enough.


And in that case, quite a lot of users may quickly decide they need to move their data to some other cloud service. And at that time, you might notice that they have put a bandwidth limitation on the download. On one hand because it's so many users that at the same time tries to save their data. And on the other hand because they want to slow down the exodus and get some of the unhappy customers to stay and accept the new service conditions even if it means a much higher price for the service.


There is a quite significant lock-in to have 40-50 TB of data in a single cloud service - it's not trivial to move the data if they happen to give you 1 month time to copy everything out and combines it with a bandwidth limiter.

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My plan is to not upload anything I can't replace if I want to - e.g. if Google change their policy like Amazon did, I'd just add more local storage if I can't find a replacement online service.  It'd be a bit of a PITA to do so, but a risk I find acceptable.

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