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  1. My unraid is idle most of the time and I am wasting electricity when it is not in use. I currently use ASRock E3C226D2I and unfortunately it does not support S3. I am looking for Mini ITX motherboard with S3 and IPMI support. Which motherboard would you recommend?
  2. If you are using E3C224D2I Motherboard, what is your power consumption? Unfortunately E3C224D2I motherboard does not support S3 sleep mode so I can't use the plugin like Dynamix S3. I am trying find a way to reduce the wattage when my unraid server is idle 90% of the time. The E3C224D2I only support S4 sleep mode. With all the disks spinned down (with IBM ServeRAID M1015 Controller), my power consumption is 40 Watts which is still high when my server is idle most of the time. I actually don't need IBM ServeRAID M1015 Controller anymore and could use motherboard sata ports directly. How much watts would that reduce to? I am using Xeon CPU E3-1230v3 CPU which is quite powerful which I don't need anymore. Is it worth to downgrade the CPU to mid range so it may reduce the wattage?
  3. If I were you, I would duplicate the media files to another cloud provider as well.
  4. so 185gb is incorrect?
  5. I am testing out Cache pool for the the first time First SSD: 250GB Second SSD: 120GB It is showing I have 185GB size, how does that work?
  6. @BobPhoenix I've got it to work, thank you :)
  7. I have been using PLOP to boot up unraid on ESXi host.
  8. I have been using VMWare ESXi host with unraid VM for a while. I would like to remove VMWare ESXi and unraid will be the main host. How do I proceed that to migrate it?
  9. What backup software do you recommend to backup Documents, Videos, Pictures from Windows (C Drive) to UnRaid? Then this rclone plugin will backup to cloud.
  10. Unraid 6.2 My Array is down, it is showing the disks are missing. All the disks are connected to IBM ServeRaid M1015 SAS/SATA PCIe RAID card. When I restart the server, the BIOS can see a Raid controller and all the hard disks are listed.. How to fix this? root@Tower:/dev# lspci | grep LSI 03:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (rev 03) Syslog attached.
  11. Let me guess. Multi-threaded webserver for the main gui? Preferably using apache or something mainstream? It's going to be nginx. Websocket would be good as well for realtime.
  12. Where can I see a change log of SAS 9211-8i Firmware V19? I like to compare between version 18 and 19
  13. Creepy thread.. Geeky song of the year!
  14. A feature of Real-time cache to array support would be awesome, in other word - real time mover. Basically in the share setting, we enable cache "Use cache disk" to Yes and have another field called "Real-time Mover". If "Real-time Mover" set to Yes: 1. Copy a file to array Share 2. It get stored on the cache disk 3. unRAID somehow detect if a file is successfully copied and then instantly move to Array.
  15. I have notice potential new customers asking some questions about unRAID in Lounge form. It would be better to create a form called Pre-Sales Questions with a description: Question before you purchase? Post here and get help from both Lime Technology and from other clients. You can also email for assistance.
  16. My first computer was compaq presario 75 MHz CPU, 16 Mb RAM
  17. Sorry, I should have made it clear. What I meant hard drive is getting bigger overtime, 8TB Disk for example and in next few years there will be something like 15-20TB disk. Parity will take forever to complete as disk size getting bigger overtime.
  18. Don't you think Parity feature is becoming useless as hard drive size getting bigger overtime?
  19. Which one do you like better SyncBackSE or GoodSync?