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Login page instead of https login


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I would like to see a login page like nextcloud has or any of the docker pages have.

The unraid webui is standard https login popup.


The real reason is I use LastPass and I can't save a password or load it in with the https popup.

But it would make unraid look a bit nicer a proper login screen.

Maybe an opportunity to load some info on the login screen as well.


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Just a note - this is two different places where the login happens.

When you get a popup from the web browser, then the login happens between web browser and web server when you are connecting to the server. What you are seeing is "basic authentication".


When a web page instead shows a login page with user and password fields, then the web server is configured to allow access to the machine without login (it might still require other credentials such as a signed client certificate). And it's the actual web application itself that is keeping track of users and passwords and handling the login.


So the change isn't just implemented by checking a checkbox somewhere - the user account database information needs to be moved and handled by completely different code. And if there is a bug somewhere in the application code for some specific URL, then users may be able to gain access to protected content without managing any actual login. The web server will not help out as gate keeper and check login status before every access.

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