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[Solved]Full cache disk doesn't overflow to HDD


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I have a 256gb Samsung NVMe SSD i use as a cache drive. The problem is, when it's filled, the server doesn't put the rest of the data transfer to the regular drives. It simply stops transferring stating that there isn't enough space. The shares i'm using are set to Use cache disk: "Yes" which should be the proper setting for what i'm trying to achieve.

At least according to the FAQ:


Table of Cache drive usage options and their behaviors

    C=Cache drive

    D=Data drive(s)


                                Cache:No    Cache:Yes    Cache:Only  Cache:Prefer

Data should be on:          D              C+D                C             C+D

New files first to:             D                C                   C               C

Files overflow to:             -                 D                    -                D

Mover moves:                 No           C to D               No            D to C

Orphaned files:                C               -                     D                -


But it doesn't work.. I have to run the mover in order to continue transfers which is obviously really annoying!


Hope you can help, best regards.

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37 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

You need to set each shares's minimum free space, recommended value is twice the size of the largest file you expect to copy to that share.

Okay. At the moment all my shares are set to 0Kb. When you say twice the size of the largest file, do you then actually mean file size or size of whatever group of things i'm transferring? Let's say i have a movie folder containing 4 parts of a movie. Wouldn't i want to make sure that each folder is able to be transferred in it's entirety instead of only the individual files?

So i set the "minimum free space" to twice the size of whatever group of data i usually transfer?


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