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  1. Thank you for the solutions in this thread. I had the same problem (which occurred after a failed update). I re-added the container from the Plex template and it worked like a charm! 😀 /Morten
  2. Sounds great! Did you edit the xml to be Mojave specific instead of High Sierra afterwards?
  3. Hi guys! Do you know if it's possible to update your High Sierra VM to Mojave through the appstore? I'm guessing i will need to add the XML details to the VM configuration meant for Mojave instead of High Sierra, but my concern is whether the installation can even be done at all? I'm not really interested in starting a whole new VM. And thanks to SpaceInvaderOne for the great guide!
  4. I've been running the 7DTD server for about 2 weeks now, and it seems like it has some issues whenever there's horde night. The server simply freezes, and i can't even restart it from the web console. I have to restart the docker. I've been looking at the logs when it happens, and there's nothing that really sticks out as being a potential reason. My server and internet speed should also be more than capable of running a 7DTD server so i don't think it's a hardware issue. Could it be that the SteamCMD doesn't have access to the full system power?
  5. I got it to work! In the serverconfig.xml I changed <property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value="SteamNetworking"/> to <property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols" value=""/> (I removed SteamNetworking) I'm not sure why this works exactly but it might have something to do with some settings in my router (Asus RT-68U).
  6. Hi Ich, thank you so much for these dockers! I'm setting up a 7dtd server, and the docker side of things works fine. I can create a game on my server and play it locally. However i'm not able to join the server from a PC outside my network via my public (static) IP and the port specified in the serverconfig.xml (26900). I believe i have opened more than enough ports for it to work, but when i connect, i just get a "connection timed out". Any ideas? Kind Regards, Morten
  7. All plugins and dockers are updated (and working). It's only GUI safe mode (which uses the bzroot-gui file) that works. Regular safe mode, that uses the usual bzroot file doesn't. So it seems to be specific to the bzroot file.
  8. Upgrade not successful. I currently have 6.5.3, but i can't upgrade to anything higher than that. System just reboots after saying "BZRoot.......OK". Starting in GUI Safe mode works, but nothing else does. What i have tried: Update BIOS Different BIOS UEFI settings Updating syslinux.exe Adding acpi=off nolapic noapic to the syslinux.cfg Different USB drive Both 6.6.0 RC4 and 6.6.6 Don't know what to do next. 😕 My Specs are in the signature.
  9. It just sounds weird to me that the board suddenly becomes a problem after running without any issues for a year. 🤔
  10. I have now tried all the different CSM combinations (legacy, UEFI, off) with no luck.
  11. As far as i can see there is no option to change to "Legacy" on my motherboard, so it should already be in UEFI mode.
  12. Hi, i am running 6.5.3 just fine, but when i try to update to any newer versions (6.6.X), the server just keeps rebooting after it says "BZRoot.......OK". Starting in GUI Safe mode works, but nothing else does. I have tried updating my BIOS. I have rolled back and tried to install the current stable version (6.6.6) and also tried updating to the next version after mine (I believe that was 6.6.0 rc4). The system specs: ASRock Z370m Pro4 Core i5 8400 8gb 2400mhz ddr4 memory 4x 4TB hard drives (one is parity) 1x 256gb M.2 NVME cache If anyone could help it would be appreciated! I'm running out of ideas! 😕
  13. Roger. Thank you so much for the help. Can't believe it was that simple!!!! ?
  14. Okay. At the moment all my shares are set to 0Kb. When you say twice the size of the largest file, do you then actually mean file size or size of whatever group of things i'm transferring? Let's say i have a movie folder containing 4 parts of a movie. Wouldn't i want to make sure that each folder is able to be transferred in it's entirety instead of only the individual files? So i set the "minimum free space" to twice the size of whatever group of data i usually transfer?