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Unraid - Not reconnecting after network down (Automatic Reboot)


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I just lost the power, where the Unraid server is located and my router automaticly reboots and is up and running again. The unraid server doesnt seem to do that. Is there anyway to set it up in a way that, when it losses power it will automaticly reboot? Its quite frustrating, when i'm off-site. 


It also encounters problems, when my router have been rebooted, where it doenst automaticly renews its network configuration 



Thanks in advance.




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It's not recommended because of several factors, but the easiest way to accomplish that is to make sure your UPS is compatible with the "turn off UPS after shutdown" feature of apcupsd. Cyberpower models aren't compatible, and I'm not entirely sure all APC models work correctly either. You also need to set your BIOS to power on after power loss.


Here is how a successful event would look.

Power fails

UPS notifies unraid, unraid waits the set amount of time for power to return

Timer expires, unraid starts orderly shutdown,  hopefully all vm's and dockers cooperate.

Unraid sends power down command to UPS, UPS starts internal countdown

UPS cuts power after time delay.

Power returns

UPS turns on power

BIOS sees return of power and boots

Unraid sees last shutdown was completed successfully and automatically starts the array if set to do so.


Problem is, there are multiple ways that flow of events can be interrupted and cause issues. It's always better if you can supervise the boot up process, that way you can evaluate whether stable power has returned, or if there are likely to be ongoing issues and it would be better if the server stayed down til the event was fully over.

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