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  1. Thanks for the work on the GUI Docker. How do I connect it to the Rclone in this plugins and connect it to the already existing configs?
  2. Any updates to the docker - to mitigate log4j
  3. Thank you very much. I’m now upgraded to 6.4.54 and everything is Working fine 👍👍
  4. Hey im currently running version 5.9.29 and is looking to upgrade. Which version would you recommend in terms of features and stability?
  5. Thanks for the thorough reply. If I want to migrate from linuxservers sabnzbd container to yours with the VPN - Can i simply just point to the existing appdata or would be better to do a fresh setup and do the configurations again?
  6. Do you recommend using this container compared to just routing traffic from SABNZBD through the deluge vpn container
  7. Hey i just migrated from letsencrypt to Swag and wanted to setup UniFi docker as part of my reverse setup. I’m using the sub folder setup for all my dockers, but that isn’t supported for the unify controller. Could anyone guide me on how to setup the UniFi as subdomain. It says that I need to setup a Cname for unifi. What should the cname settings be? i’m using my own domain and a static Ip with DNS at Cloudflare
  8. My server Updated the Deluge docker last night and currently sonarr and radarr can’t connect and I can’t acces the deluge web UI It’s reporting The following error code in the logs 2020-09-02 12:24:20,665 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [info] No torrents with state 'Error' found It just fixed itself - So it works - Can anyone explain what the above error is referring to?
  9. Hey My HDD died in a 2 drive array without parity. I powered off the server and sent the drive into WD for replacement. I have now received the new drive and installed it, but it wont let me start the array with the new drive. It reports 'Too many wrong and/or missing disks!'. What should i do? Should i run the "New Config tool"? Keep in mind i'm not using any parity drives.
  10. It repors the following error in Unraid GUI Errors occurred - Check SMART report I have attached the smart report. medieserver-smart-20200518-1005.zip
  11. Thanks I just started the the Smart Extended test. The HDD is under 3 years old, so it is under waranty.
  12. Hey. I just noticed that i cant access any of my content on one of my disks. It reports the following in the GUI Unmountable: No file system I'm not running parity or encryption on my drives. I have attached my diagnostics file (zip) below and hope someone is able to guide me in the right direction. Extra information: I have been running with some errors on current pending sector for a few months now, but it hasn't caused any issues until now. I contacted WD support a few months back and they said that the errors didn't warranted a new drive, so i assumed it wasn't anything critical. Thanks in advance. medieserver-diagnostics-20200517-1218.zip
  13. I have now backed up my appdata and USB to an external usb hard drive using unassigned devices. Would i then be able to just copy the back from the external usb hard drive to another device for extra safety or should be done through the plugin?
  14. Hey unfortunately, my server broke down the other day and today I just discovered that I don't have a backup of my arrays data for the last 6 months and no backup of my cahce drive. I currently only have 2 HDD and 1 ssd (cache) the array is not using parity. If my HDD and ssd is still working could I then install them in another pc and use the UNRAID USB to boot from and continue on that machine like nothing happened or is the CPU, mobo coded into the boot files on the usb that makes the not able to start? If that is possible I would then easily be able to do a backup.
  15. Anyone? Any software that i can install on ubuntu that can help?
  16. Something happened to my server and is now unable to boot. I have now installed the ssd cache drive in a secondary pc and used ubuntu live usb to see the content of the drive. But i am unable to copy the content to an external drive as there seems to permission issues. I have heard alot about docker and unraid permissions issue. So before i do anything that might mess up the content of the drive i was wondering if anyone has any solutions on how to copy the content of my cache (SSD) to an external usb hdd for backup. Thanks in advance
  17. Any ideas? Whenever I try to restart the SABNZBD docker the speed increases to 60-63 MB/s, but then it returns back to 25-30 MB\s after some time. Any ideas what could be the issue then?
  18. Its on the cache drive SSD. I have the following Sab performance stats System performance (Pystone) 112422 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100… Download folder speed 319 MB/s (/downloads/incomplete) Complete folder speed 298.1 MB/s (/downloads/complete) So that shouldn't be the bottleneck
  19. Hey I recently upgraded my ISP connection from 250 to 500 mbit, but i am still seeing download speeds of 25-27 MB/s. I have done a speedtest on the server and its speed is 500/500 and i also did an clean install of sabnzbd on another windows machine and there i got 65 MB/S, so its clearly not internal network or my usenet provider. I have also checked the CPU usage during downloads on my server and its around 10-20%, so that shouldn´t be the bottleneck. Any ideas on what might help?
  20. Why is the stable release not running 5.9.29 as it seems it has been the stable release since october.
  21. Deluge currently doesn't work and haven't worked in a long time, but have only had the time now to try to fix it. It reports the following error: 2018-11-05 06:49:45,019 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] Response code 000 from curl != 2xx Do any of you know this error?
  22. How many times do guys recommending running preclear?
  23. Nice - How did you replace the original script? Update: Placed it under the plugin and renamed the new script to preclear_disk.sh