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(SOLVED) Dumb question: does unRAID use ALL available HDD space?


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So I have two 8TB HDDs (one for parity, one for data) and when I check the array stats, it shows 8TB of useable space. I currently have 3.9TB used, 4.1 TB free. 


I'm sure if I plugged in the HDD to my Windows machine, it would show only like 7.4 TB of useable space or something. So does unRAID use every bit of my 8TB drive?



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Windows reports drive size as 8TiB.  unRaid reports drive size as 8TB (the same way the hard drive mfg's do). 


But, to answer your question, yes unRaid uses every bit of your drive.  But so does Windows.  It just reports drive size differently.

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