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[6.3.5] Very slow performance


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I recently installed a 8tb drive to my system, and think I successfully replace my parity drive of 6tb with that, less some disk read errors on my disk1.

I tried to use my apps and realise that it is very very slow, in fact there's something wrong and somehow they aren't responding correctly. Like file listing takes forever, plex scanning not working etc.

I did a restart, and it got stuck on getting diagnostics, so i had to do a reboot.


Rebooted and it took a very long time to start everything before i could use the main website. Saw that it detected an unclean shutdown and was trying to do a parity check again. Apps are still slow, this time did a powerdown -r without issues, but it still took a long time to load.


My drives are quite filled so I'm guessing the lack of space is causing the slowness (though i highly doubt that is the cause, as it was working fine previously), so I wanted to do a parity check before replace disk1 with my 6tb parity disk to see if space indeed was the issue.


Started the check and my disk1 are having errors, and parity check speed is like 4 MB/sec which doesn't makes sense, probably due to the errors disk1 is encountering.


Also did a short self-test on disk1 without issues. Running a long self-test now.


I'm not sure what is going on, is there not enough power to my drives or what? What could be the cause? Have attached my log to see if there's anything out of the ordinary, you might've noticed the long loading times as well for the plugins/dockers.


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