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Updating Hardware (New Mobo/CPU) Any issues to carry on with same install?


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I'm upgrading my server: changing out the Mobo to a dual socket xeon (currently single socket xeon) and adding the second CPU + RAM. Keeping the same HDDs/Cache/parity/etc, even flash drive. I already went from an i7 to a Xeon in my current config, but that was simply a CPU change so I didn't think it would bring any issues, which it didn't. However changing out Mobo is quite a bit different.


If I were to shut down, swap aforementioned hardware, and boot up, would Unraid have any problems? If so, what would be the best method to do this? I heavily rely on docker so I would need to "reinstall" the containers via UI. I don't have any VMs or the like so that wouldn't need to be transferred.



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