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Remote desktop Support.


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What I am looking to do but can not find a resolution and their may not be one but I was hoping to host my own remote desktop support system for some Tech support services I wanted to offer. What I am looking for was something like what GotoAssist or logmein rescue offer. Where I would send the customer to a website and give them a code that I generate and it auto downloads the remote desktop software and the connection is made.. I have searched all the apps, dockers, forums and I can not see any app that is set up for remote desktop support. I know I can sign up for these companies and pay them tons of money but I figured I could host my own.. Does anyone know of any solutions to run on unraid? if not does anyone currently run something like this and if so what do you use? 



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I self host https://www.connectwise.com/software/control

But that is no longer offered as an option, I purchased a license to self host many years ago when it was available and affordable, and have kept it renewed since they grandfathered my account.


I don't think you are going to find a free self hosted option that keeps up with all the changes and is one click easy. There are roll your own options individually for some platforms using VNC as a basis, but you are going to run into issues with firewalls.


Maybe someone knows of an option, I'd love to have an alternative to paying my yearly renewal for updates. My license doesn't expire, technically I can keep running on the same license forever, but if I want updates, I pay. And with the ever changing landscape, updates are necessary.


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