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Motherboard, cpu and RAM upgrade


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I am looking into upgrading my towers motherboard, cpu and RAM

I do not need anything too fast as I mostly just run unRAID by itself. Might be nice to have a few plugins and dockers running but plex will not run on it (I run this from my i7 windows machine)


I am looking recommendations for good SATA support as well as GB LAN support with jumbo frames

I would like know which boards, cpus and RAM play well together from anyone that has gone down this road.


I appreciate any feedback



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Well, just about any recent CPU, MB and RAM will work.  Just be sure that the various components are compatible with each other.  You can also look at my signature for a couple of configurations that work for basic NAS duties.  I have the feeling that the MB's to build these systems are not currently being manufactured but you should be able find a very similar CPU and then find a compatible MB and RAM.  With Intel CPU's, they will have a socket number and you can use that to find compatible MB's

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If you don't mind used hardware, I suggest looking at used server grade hardware.  Supermicro server grade motherboards are available used on eBay from very reputable sellers for descent prices.  There are also some build threads on Reddit showing some affordable, yet powerful, options, as compared with most any prebuilt NAS option that cost 5x the money.  You might look here.  And here.  And then here for another build choice.


I put together a base system of X8SIL-F with Xeon x3460 and 16GB of RAM for about $103.  It works like a champ.  While I know you are using another machine for PLEX, this setup easily streams three action films, while transcoding at least two of them on the fly, without any issues at all.  This should give you some sense of its ability.


The downside to using used equipment is there isn't someone to go to for support.  So, I have had to search out myself anything that looks like an issue, and ask questions on various forums when I'm just not sure.  Many times things that look like problems are just temporary annoyances.  And sometimes I look like an idiot for asking some dumb question, but I'm learning.


On the plus side, reputable sellers will give a 30-90 day warranty on the equipment.  This is enough time to get the system up and stress tests run, such as 24 hour Memtest, which allows for an RMA replacement if need be.

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Do any of the boards have 8 sata ports i need 15 total and I can use an 8 port LSI 9211 card for 8 more




The X8DT6-F has 6 SATA II connectors and a built in SAS controller that will give you an additional 8 SATA III connectors. This gives 14 natively. Keep in mind that this board is E-ATX, so it will not fit in a typical ATX case. The Rosewill case listed in the build is fantastic and affordable, and will take the E-ATX boards or smaller. The thing about this build is you get dual Xeon with 12 cores, 24 threads and about 11,000 passmark very affordably. Also it has 12 DIMM slots, so a larger number of cheap RAM sticks can be used.



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2 hours ago, Blade said:
Thanks I assume I need 8 special SAS to SATA cables for the 8 SAS ports




No. Two forward breakout SAS to SATA cables that split one SAS port to four SATA. They are about $5.50 each for .5 meter cables from Monoprice.com when on sale. They are expensive now.




The .75 meter are on sale.




Or Amazon for $7.99 from Cable Creations.






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Great thank you

The X8DT6-F board looks great

It definitely has a lot of features.  The main real downside for some people is the E-ATX form factor.  Despite this, that Rosewill case is about $100 on eBay with free shipping directly from Rosewill.  And if you watch, there will be an eBay coupon to bring the price down further.  I got mine for $79.99 shipped.


There is an ATX dual cpu board.  It's the X8DTL-iF.  It only has 6 SATA II connectors and no onboard SAS.  Also, it only has 6 DIMM slots.  Despite these shortcomings, it is ATX, which makes choosing a case easier.  Also, it can be purchased now for $79.99 or “Best offer” on eBay from a highly rated seller, so it probably be gotten for 15-20% less.


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38 minutes ago, Blade said:

I plan to pick up that 15 bay Rosewill case so the X8DT6-F is looking good for me :)

Just need to find the X8DT6-F for a good price


The seller linked below had them for $99.99.  You could message them to find out whether they anticipate carrying more.



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12 minutes ago, Blade said:

How big of a PSU are you using for the 15 bay Rosewill case?


I'm using a Seasonic 650w Focus Plus Gold.  I would use a PSU wattage calculator, such as this one.  You don't have to use the Seasonic calculator.  They'll all give very similar results.


I just maxed out the number of drives, RAM, etc. to get a high number.

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39 minutes ago, Blade said:

I have this server.  It works great.  Funny thing is that I decided to build another server and the whole time I've been thinking about just keeping this one.  The processor is good.  I was going to suggest searching for an x3460 to see if the prices are about $8-$10 less.  But I did a quick search myself and was seeing prices similar, so going with the x3470 makes sense.  As for RAM, you must use 2rx8 memory for DDR3 ECC REG with this board.  If you are not set on 8GB modules, I would recommend getting 4x4GB and filling up the slots.  The cost would be more affordable.

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32 minutes ago, Blade said:

So only 2Rx8 can be used - I thought 2Rx4 would also work.


This is what is shown in the manual.  Only x8.  The manual shows the use of single rank, dual rank, and quad rank.  Quad rank limits the speed down to 1066Mhz or 800Mhz, depending on the number of DIMM's used.  So you would want to stick with single or dual rank to get 1333Mhz speeds.  But only "x8" is compatible with this board.

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10 minutes ago, Blade said:

Yes.  Those would work.  Though, that is $25 Canadian per stick.  At first I thought it was for a lot of 16 sticks at that price, but in the description it says price is per stick.  So at that price, I think you could do better on the price.  I have four extras that I'm going to sell.  I'll probably price them at $50 for all four, plus shipping.

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