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New UnRAID Server - migrate VMs??


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OK, after a lot of deliberation I have decided what my new Unraid server will be...


Deceided to go for an HP DL380p as SBS2011 running on my HP Microserver with 12Gb RAM and E3-1220 v2 CPU is just too much of a strain. So have built the server today and installed the latest trial of Unraid and the resource stats look pretty impressive - a bit different to my quad core (no hyperthreading) Microserver;




OK, its a bit of an overkill... but as I am hosting it in a mates datacenter I thought I might as well do it properly :)


But, before I play more, I do have some questions...


I want to migrate a couple of Ubuntu Webservers and my Windows SBS2011 VMs over to the new, far more capable, server - can anyone point me in the right direction? I am hoping I can just copy the VDI file over and copy/paste the XML settings?


Any pointers greatfully received :)

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Just an update in case anyone else is after this info - I copied the first Ubuntu VM from my production server to a folder on my new servers cache drive (where I wanted it stored) and then used the create VM wizard to set the options (RAM / CPUs etc) and pointed it to the folder where the VM image was - hit start and it all started and works fine :)


I will try my Windows SBS VM and let you know how that goes - I fully expect this one to be the troublesome one!!



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46 minutes ago, nuhll said:

Yeah, should just work as you descriped it.


Thanks Nuhll


Reassuringly, I moved a copy of my Windows SBS2011 image over to the new machine and did exactly the same as the Ubuntu Server/s and it too re-appeared :)


Maybe this will help anyone else looking to do the same.



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Degree of difficulty depends on what hardware is virtualized in the VM, and how much is passed through. The more stuff was passed through, the more chance of issues. If it''s just CPU cores and memory, as long as the cores match (you don't have cores assigned that don't exist on the new system) and you have enough RAM, it should be completely seamless. If you are passing through PCI(e) devices, I''d expect issues until you get the XML adjusted to match the new setup.

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Hi Jonathanm


Thankfully its just CPU cores and RAM - both woefully lacking in my current Microserver UnRAID box, but the new DL380 has 24 cores and 104Gb available... so SBS can have as much as it needs to run smoothly and the rest is there for other server VMs as needed :)

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