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Slow network speeds


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I made the move and put my server on Unraid, this mainly runs Plex and has heaps of storage.


On my PC if i go to play a video over my network from my server it is choppy and doesn't really load. If i drag the video and drop the file onto my desktop i only get 300-700kb/s


I tested that all the on board nic's are 1gbps

All network cables are Cat6

I ran disk speed tests on my server, Cache drive was about 530MB/s, data drives had a peak of 180 and a low of 90MB/s

Running a speed test shows i am maxing my internet connection out.


Why am i getting this restriction? what other tests can i do?





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On 7/20/2018 at 6:28 PM, johnnie.black said:

Sounds like a network problem, install the nerd pack plugin and use iperf to test your network bandwidth


Thank you for your input. First time i have used iperf but tests did show i indeed had a network issue. Was running at 3.2Mbits. 


I have now resolved the issue on my router.

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