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How to edit config files in appdata folder? (I can delete and then copy back...)

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Hi I couldn't find an answer to this question anywhere so please either point me to the right direction or perhaps help me out with this issue.


I would sometimes like to edit the config files from different dockers directly instead of going through the UI of the docker in question. 

However I cannot seem to edit these config files directly because it wont allow me to save. What is weird is that I can move the config files to my pc and delete them in the appdata folder.

This way I can at least still edit them on my pc and then copy them back in the appdata folder.. 

Obviously I would like to just be able to modify them directly.


I would really appreciate some help. I tried many things including using unraid to fix docker permission.

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hi sorry I want to edit the home assistant configs (unraid home assistant docker)  but it applies to all dockers I have.


nzbget, transmission etc.


stopping docker wont resolve this issue.


so its a general Unraid permission issue related to the appdata folder. (as far as I can see)

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The config file editor (or nano / vim) should be able to edit any file within appdata, so long as its not read-only.


Not being able to modify over the network isn't particularly surprising as most applications have their own unique permission requirements within appdata that may or may not be compatible with the permissions that unRaid uses with respect to network access.

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49 minutes ago, BelgarionNL said:

so its a general Unraid permission issue related to the appdata folder. (as far as I can see)


No, it's Linux permissions, and it's heavily dependent on which containers you use.  Unraid by default uses the user nobody in group users.  Not all containers will have their file permissions as nobody:users


Then throw into the mix issues with permissions over smb or nfs and it's no wonder you struggle.


Running new permissions will change all the file permissions in your appdata to nobody:users but the side effect of this is that this may break the container which is expecting a completely different set of file permissions.

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Sorry to bring this 2-year-old thread up again, but it is exactly the issue I am dealing with at the moment as a new unraid user.


Is there an appropriate option to edit the appdata share over smb?


I also used the "New Permissions" dialogue, which was working perfect(!) for me, but now i am reading that we should never do that.

editing over smb is just too convenient to give it up for nano via ssh or something like that.

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