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Is 60 fps playable on Windows VM/ Moonlight? Using Raspberry Pi3 or Chrome streaming?


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Hi.  I've setup a VM, passed through one of the good GPUs, Nvidia GTX1070, Assigned 3 cores out of my 4 core gPU ?, and gave it 4 GB memory.  On passthrough, Fortnite game plays very well.  No lag or anything.  On streaming to Raspberry Pi via Moonlight, moving the mouse alone has lag already.  I did this also on Chrome browser via Moonlight, still with the same results.  


Additional info about what I did:


I'm using wired 1 GB network.  I have Gigabit switch.  My Unraid machine is running on Intel gigabit lan.


Hope someone can confirm whether this project is viable or not.

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Just to update this thread a bit, I did see from moonlight project page that 60fps 1080 is really possible.  Although, I haven't been able to reproduce it.  


Does games streaming take more toll on the host cpu?  In this case, my Unraid?  Cause the VM only has 4 GBs, in which if playing passthrough, works just fine.  On streaming, it is not.  Furthermore, my issues is mostly related to mouse and keyboard movement.  Hope others can shed some light.

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My Unraid NAS has a spare NIC.  Can I passthrough the NIC to the Windows VM that hosts Gamestream, and connect the Unraid directly to my Raspberry Pi 3 with moonlight to isolate mouse lag issue?


for 1080p, 60fps to work, is Gigabit switch, ethernet required?  

Any Idea what my setting for NIC for this VM should be?  It's currently under Bridge mode.

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I have a similar setup and it works quite well for me. I have a VM with pass-through GPU. VM is running Win10 Pro and I have GFE and Steam installed.


I a streaming to a RPi3+ with 1080p60fps and there is limited to no lag on most games. I had some issues before though. To isolate the issue, can you try 720p30fps and see whether you still have a lag?


Do other games besides Fortnite work? Are you playing Fortnite with Mouse & KB or or with a Gamepad?


I actually didn't get Fortnite to work at all (at least not stable). How did you add it in your VM? As non-steam game added to Steam? What settings?

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