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Container removed after failed run command


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So I'm fairly new to unRAID and I'm in the process of transferring my current setup over to unRAID. I'm also used to using docker compose where you plan it all out very easily.


So color me surprised when my Plex container, that was running fine, got completely wiped out after one failed re-run because I typed one of the volume paths incorrectly.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong but if not, the idea that one failed run of a container deletes all the port, variable, and volume information is completely insane to me.


Don't get me wrong, I understand that unRAID is removing and re-running the 'docker run' command so of course it removes the container but the fact that it saves no settings in case of failure is pretty dumb because now I have to set that containers settings up again. Now of course that won't take me that long for the Plex container but a few of my containers do have a lot of stuff that needs to be mapped and I'd hate to have to redo it all just because of one typo.


So do I just go back to using docker compose or is there a way to have this done through the gui?

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