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(Solved) Drives spin-down during parity sync


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I am running a parity sync after a new configuration to rebuild my two parity drives.


Parity-sync stands at 62% and I just noticed that drives have spun-down. See attached picture.


This is very strange as I thought that all drives will have to be accessed continuously to perform a parity sync.


Is this expected behavior or do I need to worry that something is going wrong at the moment?


At the very moment, all drives are up again. Could it be that data is read from the cache? 


Thanks for sharing your opinions about this!



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This is normal behavior.


When the parity sync passes the 2TB mark, your 2TB drives are not involved anymore, the same happens with your 3TB drives when the 3TB mark is passed.

Those 2TB and 3TB drives will spin down after the inactivity time expires, set for those drives.


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