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Docker Container Locking Up


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Hello all ?


After searching through the forums I have not found anything that can help with my issue. I am on unRAID 6.5.3, using 7 containers and one Windows KVM. About every 2 days (sometimes hours) binhex-sonarrtautulli will lock up on me and I am unable to kill the process manually or via terminal. The only resolution I have found is to shutdown the responsive containers / VM file and kill the host system.


When i try to stop either of the containers, they just sit there like it's trying to process:




After about a minute, this shows up in the system log:

Jul 31 14:16:04 KickAss nginx: 2018/07/31 14:16:04 [error] 4984#4984: *114085 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/Events.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "", referrer: ""

Reviewing the log file from binhex-sonarr, it gave me the following at 3 am:

2018-07-31 03:00:07,553 WARN received SIGTERM indicating exit request
2018-07-31 03:00:07,553 DEBG killing sonarr (pid 44) with signal SIGTERM
2018-07-31 03:00:07,553 INFO waiting for sonarr to die
2018-07-31 03:00:07,554 DEBG fd 8 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 22937002222584 for <Subprocess at 22937002222440 with name sonarr in state STOPPING> (stdout)>
2018-07-31 03:00:07,554 DEBG fd 10 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 22937002200528 for <Subprocess at 22937002222440 with name sonarr in state STOPPING> (stderr)>
2018-07-31 03:00:07,554 INFO stopped: sonarr (terminated by SIGTERM)
2018-07-31 03:00:07,554 DEBG received SIGCLD indicating a child quit

The only thing my server does at 3 am is run a backup of all my containers using CA Appdata Backup/Restore v2 which will stop the containers and backup the files to a connected SMB share.


My other containers stop just fine. I have tried to remove the two stubborn containers and add them back but have had the same luck. 


Here is my system info:

Model: Custom
CPU: AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core @ 3500
HVM: Enabled
IOMMU: Enabled
Cache: 384 kB, 8192 kB, 8192 kB
Memory: 32 GB (max. installable capacity 32 GB)
Network: bond0: fault-tolerance (active-backup), mtu 1500 
         eth0: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1500
Kernel: Linux 4.14.49-unRAID x86_64
OpenSSL: 1.0.2o
Uptime: 0 days, 20:02:44

Here are the containers I am currently using. They have all been updated to the latest version.



I have also increased my docker image to 100 GB.


Any help would be greatly appreciated ?

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