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No Volume Mapping Interface for Plex

Ben Long

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I’m running the latest unRAID and last night installed Plex using the default container template. I looked at this tutorial  and saw that there’s supposed to be an interface for specifying Volume Mappings, to point Plex to my media, but I don’t see that interface anywhere. The Plex docker is showing one default mapping to its config files, but I don’t seem to have any interface for adding more. What can I do??



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Which Plex docker are you trying to use? That tutorial seems to be using limetech. Many recommend linuxserverio or binhex.


Also, that tutorial is very old. Just install Community Applications plugin, and it will help you install dockers and other plugins.

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Okay, I deleted the one I had installed and installed using Community Applications, but I'm still getting the same problem. When I edit the Plex docker, am I supposed to see any more than this?


If not, then how to I specify media folders?


Thanks for the help!

plex shot.png

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Yeah, I read that, but I'm still confused. It says "Because a container is completely separate from the unRaid system we have to tell it what folders (paths) that it has access to. This is done in the mapping section of the Add Container screen." But my Add Container screen never shows the Volume Mappings section that the screen shot in the FAQ shows. After installation of Plex, when I go to Edit, I still don't see it. All I see is what's in that screenshot above, just Docker Repositories – no interface for Volume or Port mappings.

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The screenshot you posted is not the edit screen for the plex docker. It is the Docker Containers screen which lists all of your installed dockers. Click on the icon for your plex docker on that screen and select edit. (Normally when you first choose a docker to install you will finish filling in the other things before you push the Add Container button.)

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