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FQDN doesn't work/respond

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Wow, I haven't been here in a while. Feels like home. I may as well get right down to it.


I have 2 small desktops running in my house. Both just have Windows 10, nothing special at all. A family member was playing around with settings deep into the network stuff and somehow

bridged two NICs but it wasn't quite right. It was like he canceled out before the bridge could be made the right way. Ok, I removed the drivers for both the network cards and Windows 10 put them back nicely and each work nice now. But I have gremlins. I cannot ping my unraid server anymore with just that computer. Ping "sun" and nothing happens. I can ping the IP address just find. On my other desktop where nothing was touched I can ping my unraid server just fine, no need to use the IP. I know it is not the unraid server ( by the way, that's running great! ) it has to be something with that desktop. I tried to completely reset the network system and the issue still persists. Before I do a complete restore which is going to take me forever because I have Sonarr on there with a couple hundred TV Shows and would hate to have to add everything back. I also use it as a front end to my Plex server which I may go docker %100 soon. Any fellas have any suggestions on what I could do and why Windows would not return a ping response when my other computer does? 


I hope everyone is doing well.

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12 hours ago, opentoe said:

Ping "sun" and nothing happens.


Is "sun" the name of your unRAID server? What do you mean by "nothing happens"? Does ping fail because the name cannot be resolved or because there's no response from the host? Can you ping your other (fully working) Windows machine by name successfully?


12 hours ago, opentoe said:

why Windows would not return a ping response when my other computer does? 


Does this mean that "sun" is in fact the name of your messed up Windows computer? If so, from where were you trying to ping it?


I'm more than a little confused by your question because it doesn't seem to align with the thread title - "sun" is not an FQDN.

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