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new build help new user

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hello everyone i'm mark.

i'm currently planning out my build and will post pics as i go along but i need a few things to get clarified any help would much be appreciated.


i've followed linus tech for quiet a while now and i have a idea i'm going to commit to.

i want to use unraid to allow me to build a matx build where i will use a ryzen threadripper 2920x 12core. 32gb ram and 2x samsung evo 970 pro m.2 drives to run os

i plan on using it to run 2 vms windows 10 and dedicating 6 cores to each. i will be running a gtx 1070 for misses and gtx 1080ti maybe next gen depending on how it looks compaired to last gen.

my misses does cad/photo editing on a 4k monitor and i do astrophotogry photo editing and gaming also 4k but playing games at 1440p. and a raid array raid 10


can this be done

1. threadripper 2920x 12core

2. 32gb ddr4 ram

3. ASRock - X399M Taichi Micro ATX TR4 Motherboard

4. 4x wd 3tb red hhd

5. 2x samsung 970 pro m.2

6. maybe additional ssd for cache for raid

7. gtx 1070

8. gtx 1080ti 


so both sides will be the same besides gpu and a raid attached to system can this be done any info would be much appreciated


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I'm not a hardware guy, and definitely not in the know about gaming/CAD/photo editing.


One thing I do notice, if you allocate 6 cores to each VM, and want to run them concurrently, then you're not leaving Unraid a core to use......

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it is advisable to leave a thread or two for unraid, meaning both vm's can have 6. 


aso, your "ssd cache for raid" should be "ssd cache for array" as unRaid is not really raid. You will not have as fast read/write to the array as you would with traditional raid configurations. you can have fast writes to a cache drive setup on user specified shares. but any data read from the array will be listed to the single drive speed of the disk it resides on.


You need to consider whether or not you need dedicated USB cards for each vm. I believe the hot plug plugin is still available, but it means that anytime you want to attach a device you have to go into the unraid GUI and do it IIRC. I run a similar setup (as in 2 vm's with GPU output) but on different hardware and it was a pain dealing with needing usb access until I gave each of them a usb card. Additionally, if you add a device (like a wireless mouse and keyboard) and it becomes disconnected, then it is no longer available in the vm until reboot.

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On 8/12/2018 at 1:46 AM, lynxeffect92 said:

my misses does cad/photo editing on a 4k monitor and i do astrophotogry photo editing and gaming also 4k but playing games at 1440p. and a raid array raid 10

   For optimal CAD gpu acceleration, you're better off with a Quadro GPU rather then a GTX card (if you have the cash to spare). Now what sort of a drop in performance, between Quardo and GTX, in CAD applications - I don't know, I don't have those numbers.  Unless, Auto-CAD has done some further optimizing, which I'm not be aware of, for GTX/consumer graphics cards.  -- This has been my understanding of CAD programs; however I just checked Autodesk's site and they're only listing "DX11 capable gpu." So perhaps they've done some application optimizations? I don't know. 


As for the RAID10 array you want to pass around that might be a problem, I was under the impression unRAID didn't like system raid controllers.

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