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[Solved] Fix Common Problems - Disk (parity) has read errors


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My parity disk is showing as having read errors in Fix Common Problems and errors under the main page:1148328369_ScreenShot2018-08-13at20_04_00.thumb.png.cf76242df70f503416ea75a7a48d6432.png

In the system log:

Aug 13 15:34:43 Tower kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdg, sector 4983868568
Aug 13 15:34:43 Tower kernel: md: disk0 read error, sector=4983868504

I'd guess read errors at a couple of hundred sectors.


The disk has not been disabled and both short and extended SMART tests have passed (disk smart report attached).

I have performed two parity checks last check today finding 0 errors.


Attached is also the full diagnostics.

Am i right in saying that these bad sectors are likely to increase in number and that i should start thinking about replacing this disk?



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