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Ive paid some school fees over the last day or two after having a series of power outages at home

Long story short, 2 drives had corrupt file systems. One of which was able to be repaired the other one not so much although i think i caused the damage there looking over other users forum posts


Manged to fix the one files system but during the parity sync/data rebuild i ended up formatting the the 2nd drive that was being emulated and ended up sending the data to data heaven


I've accepted that a moved on(Unless im wrong here and it can be recovered somehow)  and I am trying to get my server back to normality.


Prior to all this, i had a mix of VMs and Dockers. Which are still on the drives however they just dont appear where they used to be  

Ive managed to manually add a VM back and everything works


Is there a simple way to recover those dockers(especially this) and VMs without having to go through each one manually

The Dockers were setup perfectly to my liking and would be quite a bit of work getting everything back to normal


Would appreciate a guiding hand here

Thank you

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