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So I'm new to UNRAID, and I have really gotten myself into a hole trying to set up my new cache disk. I was in a hurry to get it set up and I was just getting comfortable with UNRAID, so when I saw most of my shares were set to "prefer", I thought to myself, "GREAT! I'm good to go". Then I set my appdata to "only" and then used the terminal to move the files by using "cp -r /mnt/user/appdata /mnt/cache/appdata".


Afterward, a number of my dockers would no longer load their web gui. To add insult to injury, I manually started the mover to get some files I had written to my cache disk onto the array. Suddenly, my cache is filling up and before long it's 100% full because all my movies were being moved over to the cache. I then set all my shares to cache disk setting of "NO" and hit the mover again, except nothing happened. So I tried to use the terminal to move the files from the cache disk to the array, but it only wrote the file names but didn't move any data. I read up on the FAQ's and learn the difference between all the settings and realize they should have been set to "YES" and not "PREFER" and that setting it to "NO" doesn't do anything at all when the mover runs. So then I set everything to "YES" and ran the mover again, things finally started moving from my cache drive. However, the moves that were on the cache disk aren't on my array (except the empty file names from earlier) and they aren't on my cache drive either. 


Can anyone give me some pointers on how to fix this mess I've made??? lol

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