How to install/migrate to the official Teamspeak docker


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Unfortunately, the LSIO container based on LGSM has been deprecated (blog post). Since my friends and I use TS when gaming, I moved my old server to the official docker linked in the post . It is fairly straight forward, but I wanted to write a brief guide in case others would find it useful.


Please note that I am not associated with Teamspeak in any capacity and would consider myself a linux noob. ^_^ 





Stop the LSIO Teamspeak container.


Use the Community Applications Plugin to install the official Teamspeak docker from the docker hub. Search for "teamspeak" and the click this button:




I copied the settings from the LSIO container:



You have to create two variables (I called them Key 1 and Key 2) defining PUID and PGID to set the correct ownership and permissions:



The config folder for this container is located in "/var/ts3server/", so map this path to your appdata folder accordingly:



If you switch to "Advanced View" with the switch in the top right corner you can add this link for the icon:




Then apply your settings. The log will show an error, that the license agreement has not been accepted. Create a blank text file, name it ".ts3server_license_accepted" and copy it to the appdata folder. Now, the container should be able to start. Connect with the Teamspeak client and claim admin with the token stored in the log file (in /appdata/teamspeak-server/logs/).


Congratulations, you are now set up and can enjoy the Teamspeak server.




If you want to migrate your old server, shut down the container and copy over the following files and folder from /appdata/oldserver/serverfiles/








Start the container and your old settings should be restored. After this, you can shut it down and deleted the files except "/files" and "ts3server.sqlitedb".



That's it. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggenstions. 




EDIT: Added link for docker icon

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2 hours ago, Marv said:



thanks for this guide. I'm trying to set this up but unfortunately I'm too stupid to find the container via the Community Applications Plugin. ?

Any help please?


 As @Squid mentioned, if you search for teamspeak, you can click a link to extend the search to dockerhub. I added a screenshot to my post.

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