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[Solved] Unraid freezes, runaway dockers can't be stopped


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I recently made hardware switch from an older Xeon to the Ryzen 2700x. I've yet to have much stability yet unfortunately; I believe docker and crew are my culprit. The diagnostics are attached. Basically, everything freezes after several hours of uptime. Everything becomes unresponsive; no network, but hardware is still running. I have no console access currently as it's headless. 

Essentially, from what I can tell, the plex media scanner (docker) causes a kernel bug, and hangs. I can't stop/kill the docker, nor Docker itself, or even the process. It just hangs at 100% cpu usage. I can't even powerdown. I'm forced to hard restart. I don't have a parity disk or a cache disk; as bare bones as I can be. If I let the server idle without starting docker, all is fine, no issues. I've tried deleting the docker image and rebuilding several times – no luck. I've also tried running just Transmission in the docker, without starting plex. Same issue, hanging after several hours.

Any ideas would be most welcome!



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