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Replacing Mobo/ram and CPU?


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Hi all 


 Im sure there must be a guide on this but i just cant find it. If i want to or need to replace my Mobo and CPU combo what are the steps needed on the unraid build? currently running a quad core Xeon im looking to get a little more trans-coding power due to multiple users on plex starting to load the CPU at times along with some VM's etc. Im thinking of changing to another Xeon just newer with more cores etc.  

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In principle unRAID is largely hardware agnostic so it should just be a case of booting up the new system with the same drives and USB stick.    


The one exception that will definitely apply is if you are doing hardware pass-through to the VMs - you will need to make adjustments to match the new hardware as hardware Ids and IOMMU groups are almost certain to have changed.   If not doing hardware pass through then VMs should be unaffected.

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