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Need to trial with 6 disks


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Hey there! I understand the trial is only for 3 disks. But, I am currently running Xpenology with DSM 5.2 and 6 disks (25TB space of which 17TB is in use), using DSM's logical volumes which are probably not recognized by unRAID. So I plan on temp attaching a external 20TB disk, copying the 17TB over there, then a fresh install with unRAID (format all disk too) and then copy the data from the external 20TB disk to my new unRAID machine and check out the system for 30 days. I really dont want to trial on 3 disks, it would make this process pretty shitty. If it runs the way i want it to run, i'll buy a license after 30 days. Is it possible to get a license for 30 days and 6 disks? Thanks

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