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My server has been humming along happily without issue for over a year, now all of a sudden I'm getting messages that my docker.img is corrupt. (BTRFS critical (device loop2): corrupt leaf, bad key order: block=1004027904, root=1, slot=76).  My entire system will lock up and I'll just see that previous message over and over on my console and syslog.  I thought at first it was an issue with a bad SSD, however I am still seeing the issue after creating a new docker.img on one of my mechanical disks.  The issue seems to crop back up after a few days, causing me to wipe my docker and start over.   Any ideas?


  • Created new docker.img
  • Tried new Disk
  • Ran a Memtest
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Failures seem to be happening more frequently, and I am no longer seeing FS corruption errors in the console or logs instead it is just locking up with no error.  I do see the following error in my out-of-band chassis management "OS Stop    Run-Time Critical Stop - Assertion".  Just now my Plex stopped functioning, though I can see the docker still running and log messages so I pulled a docker.  I would really appreciate it if you took a look.  Just to recap, from what I can tell it's not the drive, not the memory, and from what I can tell it's not a temperature issue (No temperature sensor alerts in my chassis management).  I'm thinking Plex and docker.img corruption is just a symptom of unclean shutdown due to lockups.


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I notice you have 32G docker img. Did you make it that large to see if it fixes your problem? Are you sure you haven't just been filling it up?


I also noticed a FCP warning that some of appdata is on the array. You should set appdata to cache-prefer, stop docker service, and run mover manually to get that cleared up.

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First off thanks for taking a look.
The docker image is that large for an issue I had a while back where one of my dockers was filling up the img due to a misconfigured docker.  That issue was resolved, docker image is 40G with 8.7G being used.  I moved the appdata to the array because I originally thought the SSD was malfunctioning, I can probably go ahead and move appdata back to the cache drive.  Last night when my system locked up again I only started my bare minimum dockers (Plex, NZBGet, Sonarr, Radarr), so far I haven't locked up yet.  Is it possible a bad docker could lock up the entire host system?  I would probably have to wait at least another 24 hours to see if it locks up with the dockers I have.  Are there any debug levels I can increase, I'm thinking maybe I should SYSLOG everything to a remote host with some debugging on for a few days, see if I can catch an error.  As I said previously the last few times it locked up I didn't see any messages in the console.

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