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How to have my own unraid.net at home, or sonarr.net, or whatever.net


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Hi.  Ho do I get to have my own unraid.net that points to unraid server?  


Current home setup is Internet, then Sophos Home Firewall, that is also my DHCP Server, then switch, where unraid box is currently connected (ip address is  Currently, I access everything via ip address.  Kinda tiring :D

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5 hours ago, jang430 said:

Currently, I access everything via ip address.  Kinda tiring :D


Maybe he is asking about how to access his server by name rather than how to get into his server from outside his LAN.




Have you tried any of the suggestions in this thread (which is pinned near the top of this same subforum)?




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Hi. Took a look at the articles. Doesn't seem to point out how to access unraid server via name. Saw something about local master by boniel? Not sure if that's it.

I intend to access it as unraid.net, sonarr.unraid.net, etc. It seems to be the most user friendly way. Or are there other ways?

I plan to access this from within the home only.

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@jang430 You'll need to checkout out your router (the Sophos firewall from your description), and check if it supports custom DNS entries (or DNS overrides)

you basically want a feature where you can assign an arbitrary DNS domain name to a local IP. ie map unraid.net to the IP of your unraid server (but you probably should use unraid.local instead)


I'm using a Mikrotik router and that allows me to set a static DNS entry between my unRAID ip and a DNS name for it. (also other stuff like inbound and outbound VPN)


If your router doesn't have such a feature/function, you'll need to swap out your router to something that has it or run something like pi-hole and tell your sophos firewall (DHCP server) to tell your DHCP clients that the DNS server is the Pi-Hole.

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On 8/29/2018 at 1:20 AM, ken-ji said:

but you probably should use unraid.local instead

With the forum having moved to unraid.net, it's definitely best to stay away from own DNS entries of type x.unraid.net, since you can't know what subdomains Limes may introduce. so x.unraid.local would definitely be a better choice, given that .local is a reserved name for broadcast-local network trees.

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