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Coming back to Unraid


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Hey guys i used to run Unraid.  I moved to SnapRaid and Drivepool so i could use Windows.  The reason for that is we bought a new house and started using Blue Iris to record 4 cameras 24/7.


Contacted Tom and got my pro licence back up and running. 


Is it possible to run Unraid with the 10 drives I have, serve plex to the computers in my house, and run Blue Iris 24/7 all from the same machine?


If so, what type of machine would i need?   i have an i5-3570k that probably wouldn't work but want to know what's possible.  Snapraid and Drivepool are a lot more complicated and I like the polished look of the new Unraid.


Any help would me much appreciated.

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I'm no unRAID expert but I do exactly what you want to do. I am using a AMD Phenom II X4 965. I dedicate two cores to the Blue Iris VM with four cameras and run a TON of docker apps including Plex. The one thing I would recommend is to get two SSDs for a cache pool for your Blue Iris VM and increased performance. I would also recommend dedicating one drive for the Blue Iris recordings instead of using the array. That way you can ensure that all drives, except the drive you dedicate for the Blue Iris recordings, will spin down to conserve energy and wear and tear.


Hope this helps!



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hey guys, thanks for the replies, sorry was busy getting the kids organized for school.


Jonathanm, i meant that was just one of the things i wanted to do.  I would copy off the contents, disk by disk then add them to the Unraid array.


Ajgyomer, would a i5-3570k be ok for this or should i upgrade?  i have a 3tb WD purple drive that I use now, it would be used outside of the array to record 24/7.  Right now it records for about 7 days, works great.  Can you explain your setup a little more?    If i use my WD Purple for recording, would i just need an SSD for cache drive for the overall system, not just Blue Iris right? 


Thanks guys for helping me out.  Really like the look of unraid more than snapraid that i am using right now.  Just a newbie in linux and that was a bit of a concern.



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I'm also utilizing UnRaid in a similar purpose, especially with Blue Iris in a VM with 4 cams. The only thing I would throw in there is to take a peek at the optimizations guide for Blue Iris at ipcamtalk if you haven't already. I was quite surprised at the significant drop in CPU load with just a few minor adjustments.



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