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[SOLVED] JBOD Cache pool.. and adding the 2nd drive?


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So after some googling I found johnnie blacks post about various formats for cache pool devices, raid0,raid1,jbod, etc

I have a 128gb Ssd that I currently use for docker appdata only.. I transfer data too much/too fast to bother with enabling cache, and having it always be full, and whatever. So I bought a 500gb ssd to supplement and I want to add it to my array, and enable cache.

Do I have to lose the data thats currently on my 128gb? I obviously can back it up (it already is), but maybe was hoping I didnt have to

anyways, is add drive to cache pool, let it format/wipe the new drive (not the old 128gb!!) , and then set the options in both drives to the commands specified by johnnie black, the correct procedure? 


thanks folks

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21 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

If current cache is btrfs you can add and change the profile later.

Thankyou. My single 128GB SSD is indeed BTRFS. I will add/format the 500gb and then add those commands you outlined. Thanks for being so knowledgeable about BTRFS! And double thanks for sharing that!! Marked as solved

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