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Migrating to new hardware while keeping disks.


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I'm going to be attempting to move my current unraid box from a dell T30 to an R710 this weekend. Will I be able to do this while not losing my data? Everything except for the hard drive will be new. 


Right now I'm just using the onboard scsi ports on my T30 but I have a new LSI sata card already in IT mode that I will be putting in the new server.


I have 2x8TB 2x4TB and one SSD cache/vm drive. I'm not worried about wiping the vm/docker drive, but definately don't want to loose my data as I have no other way to back them up.


Is this possible?

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Should be fine. I have changed motherboards and processors and everything just worked when I booted up from the same flash with my data drives exactly as expected. And dockers should come over just fine also. The only thing that might need some tweaking is any VMs with hardware passthru.

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