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[Solved] Cache drive "Balance" not working?


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Hello, I ran 

-dconvert=single -mconvert=raid1


in the balance window for my first cache device, and my syslog reported



Sep 7 14:55:21 Tower ool www[2505]: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/btrfs_balance 'start' '/mnt/cache' '-dconvert=single -mconvert=raid1 '


However, nothing seems to be happening. No writes / reads to either disk (I just added the 2nd one, shouldn't have any data on it) , and still shows the balance information as RAID1 and available space as 2x my smallest drive. Do I just need to let it do its thing for a few hours or is something wrong?

Oh, I also tried running the balance command again, to no avail..

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3 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

If your copying/paste the command try typing it, some users had similar issues recently where it's pasting extra characters.

Woohoo!! Tons of read activity and the Balance screen updated to show activity! 


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