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Hey guys, just built an i5-8400 16gb server.  Was able to transfer over all my data and rebuild parity.  When i looked at it in the morning, it said unhealthy status in red under the notifications.   How do I go about figuring out the problem?  I know i had a disk or 2 that gave some errors before but I acknowledged it and haven't seen it again, i have since changed all the SATA cables.   Anyone able to help me figure out if I have some disk problems or something else.  Will buy a few disks to make it right if i have to.

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23 minutes ago, xman111 said:

I did reboot after i got the error, not sure if that cleared it out. 

You need to dismiss/archive the notification, even after rebooting.


23 minutes ago, xman111 said:

i noticed a bunch of CRC errors to some of my hard drives but i had the cables zap strapped together and read that was a problem so i untied them.

Acknowledge current values on the dashboard page, if they keep increasing you'll get a new notification meaning there's still a problem, usually cable related.

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