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Once upon a time back when I was a young PC gamer enthusiast, I was learning out of necessity how to use a command prompt (DOS) for the first time, and I quickly learned that I needed to manage my system memory configuration (conventional, extended and expanded remember those) via autoexec.bat and config.sys files so I could get all the extra super-cool special effects of my cockpit exploding in the Original Wing Commander games!


To name but one example, in doing so I learned of the power of batch files and eventually the CHOICE.EXE command, this allowed me to create elaborate autoexec.bat files that contained separate system starup configurations for all my favourite demanding games of the time.


Since using unRAID on my main rig as a two-in-one NAS/Server + Games machine I've wanted the ability to choose at the very least the VM to startup and it would also be nice to be able to pick specific Dockers to load while we're at it. Via a boot menu like I'm describing above, like a GRUB multi-boot I'd like a few seconds to pick another VM if I so choose else boot into my default VM, without having to pull out my phone/tablet to start a different VM on my PC.


I thought perhaps the unRAID GUI mode could facilitate this but because it initiates the systems Graphics system I can't use it to start a VM loading on the same GPU. I know Virtualbox has an optional module that allows for command line control of VMs, is what I'm asking for possible with unRAID currently? Could an elaborate script be used to do what I'm suggesting perhaps? And am I the only one who wants this? 

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50 minutes ago, Ziggsta said:

Next question when unRAID starts without the GUI and no Autorun VM, you get a login prompt. I'm suspecting this might be a problem for my scripting intentions perhaps?

Not particularly problematic. Either use the User Scripts plugin, or set things up in the go file on the USB.

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