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ultimarc aimtrak usb passthrough

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Hi all,


So i have my windows 10 vm up and running great. I've passed through various usb devices including my xbox 360 wireless receiver successfully.


i have a ultimarc aimtrak lightgun i'm trying to passthrough but it's not fully working.


Under system devices i see it -


Bus 001 Device 009:ID d209:1601 Ultimarc


I am also able to pass it under the vm tab.


Windows does recognise and says it's ready to use.




i can also see it under the device tab but the gun fails to work.


The gun works as a mouse so when you move it around the cursor moves and if you shoot it registers as a click.


When i open the software the green box that usually shows the firmware version shows as blank. if i remove the gun from the usb port the box turns red so it kinda knows it's attached. 



This is how it should look -




The gun works fine as i've tested it on my laptop.


Any suggestions would be great


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Its pretty weird because I had it working using another KVM hypervisor using same passthrough USB port...going to keep playing around with the settings before I pull the trigger on a new usb controller. Thanks!

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yep, I tried that one as well however ran into an issue as I had several devices on same IOMMU group. I then followed this guide and separated them using the syslinux 



All is well now on my side. Thanks!!

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