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Slow Boot Time (HAVEGED) and unable to reach web interface

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I have two issues going on and I know I need diagnostics, I do not have access to the physical until later this evening so I will add them then.


1. When booting up (cold or warm restart) my boot stops at the /haveged/ line for about 5-6 minutes before proceeding. I am unsure what is causing this.


2. When I am on the same network or even VPN,  I can not access the web interface as it redirects to a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.unraid.net that is unreachable.  This is when I use http://IP:PORT or HTTPS://IP:PORT I can not reach the host at all unless physically attached via monitor.


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Where are you seeing that?  On the local monitor?


The only delay in the bootup is exactly a 1 minute delay when dhcp is trying to get an IP addressed from your second ethernet port. and another one trying to get it from your 3rd port (both fail)


Probably because you're (presumably) running something like piHole or pfsense and have the network set to run through it.

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